Why Is Bells Corners BIA Retweeting Lisa MacLeod?


Lisa MacLeod is the Progressive Conservative MPP for Nepean-Carleton and is campaigning now for re-election.

Her husband, Joe Varner, is a prominent PC and once ran for the Tories for MPP.

Varner is the current executive director of the Bells Corners BIA.

So why is the Bells Corners BIA retweeting MacLeod’s tweets, some of which deal with her campaign when her husband is the top executive at the BIA?

Here are some of the Bells Corner’s BIA retweets:


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3 thoughts on “Why Is Bells Corners BIA Retweeting Lisa MacLeod?

  1. It seems that those who aspire to elected office and the people who surround them have difficulty in understanding the concept of conflict of interest. Just sayin.


  2. Pretty sad. Did the word “integrity” fall out of the English dictionary recently? And y’all wonder why people don’t show up to vote.


  3. Every single member of the BIA must be a Tory and they’re happy with their organization, in which membership is compulsory, promoting a particular candidate in an upcoming election. Maybe the other candidates just haven’t tweeted anything for Joe to pick up and retweet. You would think he’d be following them if they were on social media. I’m sure that Lisa MacLeod will be including this in her expense accounting after the campaign is over.

    Is her @MacLeodLisa Twitter account her personal account or a provincial government account? She seems to focus a lot on very partisan activities so wondering who’s paying for its maintenance. Is she using government resources (phone, time, etc.) in her electoral campaign?


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