Why Is Vital Info On Chateau Decision Blocked By City Hall?


Why is there no mention in the agenda and minutes of the June 26 planning committee of the crucial vote on the Chateau Laurier addition before this morning’s Ottawa City Council that will make the final political decision on this issue of great civic and national importance?

Why have the audio minutes not been posted on the city’s YouTube page on the critical planning committee decision one hour prior to the crucial city council vote today approving the measure that would give city staff the final decision on the Chateau decision?

The Bulldog, hopelessly, calls for the vote at city council on this vital decision to be delayed until the public can be properly informed of the planning committee work of June 26.

Why, given the rushed nature of the decision on the Chateau Laurier addition and the height and zoning legislation, are Ottawa City Council, planning committee and city staff acting as an autocracy rather than a democracy?

Ottawa City Hall is increasingly making a sham of open debate, accessible government, access to public information and responsible government.

The mayor and most of the councillors on Laurier Avenue do not grasp these most basic governmental concepts or are choosing to ignore them.


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3 thoughts on “Why Is Vital Info On Chateau Decision Blocked By City Hall?

  1. Ken. Good question, “Why is Ottawa City Hall increasingly making a sham of open debate?”
    It’s much easier for all the councillors to sit in a room and draft three or four talking points that each of them can deliver to his or her constituents. That way the message will be consistent and further thinking will not be required if questioned at one of the bake sales, etc.


  2. Ken,
    That’s a big why.
    Your council does a lot of things that come under the category of why.

    Why does it pass the budget in December when many major cities are still in debates over budget issues in January and February with final passage coming in March?

    Why did it set up cross deals with the neighbours to one of your libraries. Then when it comes time to sell the library they go sole source because these cross deals made the library property of no value to anyone except the neighbour that had the deals.

    When there is smoke there is fire and your city seems to be ablaze.

    To borrow from a quote of an important person – – Ken Gray has his finger on the pulse of the city better than anyone at council..


    1. Chaz:

      Thank you. You are a flatterer.

      We’re all suckers for praise. You must have been a good manager.




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