Why Jim Watson Can’t Sleep: Whopper Watch



“I couldn’t sleep last night.”

Mayor Jim Watson before his first Ottawa light-rail ride.


No kidding, you couldn’t sleep.

After years of saying the project is on-time and on-budget, the project is neither on-time and on-budget.

You spent away the future earnings of other people’s grandchildren on this Ferrari of LRT plans.

Maybe it just dawned on you how you could take such a good idea as LRT, then turn it into a fiscal fiasco.

Yes couldn’t sleep despite taking his Redblacks’ teddy bear to bed, his Alstom choo-choo and … wait … here’s the real reason. Sens owner Eugene Melnyk took away your Spartacat jammies. Oh dear.

And one more reason you can’t sleep. The Bulldog won’t shut-up about debating you.

The knees be a knocking.


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3 thoughts on “Why Jim Watson Can’t Sleep: Whopper Watch

  1. Just for a brief moment, I had the thought that maybe his conscience was keeping him awake but nah … you’d have to have one for it to keep you awake. Maybe he forgot his warm milk and cookies before he went to bed.


  2. I know why he couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about debating Mr. Gray on the pages of The Bulldog.


    OR maybe he really was just like a little kid on Xmas eve waiting to open his new choo-choo train on Xmas morn.


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