Why Larry “Sludge” Hammer Re-Appeared: Top 10 List




A new voice, that sounds like an old voice, has returned to The Bulldog.

Larry “Sludge” Hammer is gracing the comments section again. Seems the man can’t keep away from this boppin’ website.

So why did he come back? We explore this through a Top 10 List:


Top 10 reasons Larry “Sludge” Hammer has returned to comment on The Bulldog:

10. Addressing the worldwide shortage of sludge;

9. Found parts for the Commodore 64;

8. Former pseudonym King D… got writer’s cramp;

7. Donald Trump got even too crazy for him;

6. Gray needs to be reminded he is a disgraced, over-the-hill journalist who doesn’t know when to quit;

5. Big Bulldog type easier to read than tiny Rush Limbaugh website type;

4. Global warming has him all fired up;

3. This civic menace Gray must be stopped;

2. Got fired from Spartacat gig;

1. He’s got nothing to do.


Thanks Larry for poppin’ around. Underneath that rugged exterior, is a heart of gold. We really luv ya.


Photo above: Larry “Sludge” Hammer in his Vladimir Putin disguise.

Photo below: Larry got fired as Spartacat mascot.




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8 thoughts on “Why Larry “Sludge” Hammer Re-Appeared: Top 10 List

  1. Oh Ken, thanks for the morning chuckle. You have quite a good sense of humour when you’re not obsessing about Watson and the LRT.

    In other news, CSST is breaking ground today. Another multi-million dollar tunnel. Bulldog have any opinion on that one?

      1. Given my affinity for tunnels and sludge, I think it’s a great project. Part of a greater plan to clean up the Ottawa River.
        If only those losers on the other side of the river would get on board.

        1. Larry:

          I defer to your expertise in sludge for you are the SludgeHammer and you tunnel more than a groundhog … except the groundhog tunnels much cheaper.

          Now be careful with that term “losers”. There’s a certain candidate for president who likes to use that word.

          He likely to be the biggest loser in November. But then of course, the election is fixed.



  2. I don’t know who Larry is , I don’t know what a SludgeHammer is either.

    I do; however, own a sledge hammer. That handsome guy’s picture is a real turn on. I think he’s a friend of the “Donald”.


    1. Chaz:

      If you were in Ottawa, you would know who “Larry” is. There’s only one Larry.

      I should have thought harder about running the Putin picture. No doubt it’s a gratuitous photo.




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