Why Light Rail Is Late: Top 10 List



Yes Ottawa’s horribly expensive light-rail project is late.

And taxpayers would like to know why. If Domino’s can deliver in 30 minutes or it’s free, what does $2.1 billion get you?

So we explore this by way of a Top 10 List:


Top 10 Reasons Light Rail Is Late

10. Thought train powered by Timbits;

9. Wile E Coyote running light-rail project (see video below);

8. Watson wants horn sound changed from “Mawhaaaa” to “Tweet, tweet;”

7. Since small pets OK’d on Transpo, marmot got stuck in fan belt;

6. Only name submitted in name-the-train contest was “Weenie;”

5. No Number 5. Number 5’s late or  … “I don’t call it late, I call it an adjustment of the date, for all the right reasons.”

4. Manconi writing dedication speech for opening;

3. Melnyk threatened to ride it;

2. Jim was driving;

1.Train? What train?

2 thoughts on “Why Light Rail Is Late: Top 10 List

  1. Ken:

    If you are going to give us a Top 10 List of this quality and humour, you will have to make the Top 10 List a weekly addition to the Bulldog.

    That is funny stuff.


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