Why Such A Bad Deal At Lansdowne? Stuff


Having read and edited columnist Ron Benn’s article on Saturday (the mistakes are mine), one is left with the question: Why would staff and politicians support such a proposal at Lansdowne when it was such a bad deal for the City of Ottawa (and taxpayers)? What was the motive for that? And that’s the question a hard-nosed auditor general would be asking. Yoo-hoo, Ken “Good News” Hughes … Surely the residents behind SOS Vanier are lovely caring people, but one wonders how they can criticize Mayor Jim Watson for not being impartial on the Salvation Army shelter. Rather one would think the public would want to know his position which was to support it. Vanier residents disagree with his stand, yet that doesn’t make it wrong to say it … Still what is bothersome is that the mayor and Rideau-Vanier Councillor Mathieu Fleury knew about the shelter 12 months before releasing the information to the public. That’s unacceptable … The secrecy around city hall is suffocating … Former colleague Mohammed Adam on LRT secrecy: “How can staff decide to hide information from councillors? And how can our elected representatives perform their duty to protect the public interest if they are denied relevant information?” … Yes, as we speak one can see Kanata South councillor and audit committee chairman Allan Hubley standing up for the public interest. We can all sleep safely knowing that … OC Transpo is considering having buskers perform in designated busking zones in the new light-rail stations. Only in Ottawa. No word if there will be an impromptu entertainment zone with strict rules for time and nature of the show. Small animals in carriers will be allowed in the designated busking zones, but not the impromptu zones for no particular reason than there were not enough rules … Are there not sufficient things occurring in buses, particularly double-deckers, to distract drivers without introducing animals in cages? And what if someone opens the door to their pet carrier and


Sniffy the Shih Tzu starts barking and running away from the owner. Worse Porky the Porcupine, Peter Python or Sam Skunk. Did not OC Transpo read its report that there are 2.3 idiots per rapid-transit vehicle? … Thank goodness it’s only pets in carriers that fit on your lap. It would have been hell getting elephants and camels through the light-rail doors. Apparently the pressure group My Ottawa Includes Camels is protesting the OC Transpo regulations. Owners of one-humped camels think it is perfectly reasonable to put their model of mammal on rapid transit, but they say two-humped camels are out of the question. Two humped-camel owners are threatening to leave MOIC … Ottawa pets are particularly polite. They will never defecate in their carriers while on board a bus. Particularly when being accosted by 2.3 idiots. Doubtful you could get that kind of cooperation from Montreal or Toronto dogs. And that is why Ottawa is better … You know why animals are being allowed on Ottawa rapid transit. Because Shih Tzu‘s are cute and while the puppies can’t vote, their owners do. If we can just get Allan Hubley trimmed up like the aforementioned pooch, the councillor could easily be re-elected …


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4 thoughts on “Why Such A Bad Deal At Lansdowne? Stuff

  1. Designated busking zones, did I hear correctly? Buskers will have to audition before being able to preform in the LRT underground? I guess this is the city’s way of creating jobs. The City of Ottawa will now hire talent scouts? What a joke.


  2. The TTC has 75 buskers performing in 25 designated spots in their subway stations. They audition for the spots every three years. Some of them are very talented musicians and the program has existed for decades.
    Other Canadian cities such as Calgary and Vancouver have similar programs. Ottawa already has a program that gives permits to buskers in the Market so extending that to the LRT stations wouldn’t be hard to do.


    1. Voter:

      To busk means to improvise in informal usage according to Oxford.

      How much improvisation is there is a designated busking zone? Do they have to play 3.2 notes per 10.78346 seconds or they forfeit their licence to improvise?




      1. Ken, words no longer mean what they mean. Words now mean what the person using them wants them to mean. It is up to the listener/reader to correctly interpret the ad hoc meaning of the words used. Such is the state of communication in the 2010s.


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