Why The Music Strategy Will Fail


A good reason exists why Mayor Jim Watson’s and Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper’s great leap forward music development strategy won’t work.

It’s because people will do what they want. They have minds of their own.

And that’s why the city’s pathetic attempts at social engineering fail.

Extra bike lane on Albert, you say? You can only cycle, unless you’re a eccentric human being, less than one-third of the year in Ottawa. Some of these socially engineered lanes are often dead empty irrespective of season … such as the ones on the complete street of Churchill Avenue. All the extra bike lanes on Slater and Albert will achieve is even more aggravated drivers in longer jams. See how that works out at the polls, councillor.


Success, in music and elsewhere, is not determined by government programs but by people’s hard work and talent.


Businesses locate here because they see an advantage to it, not because of Invest Ottawa. In fact, Ottawa pathetically couldn’t finish in the Top 20 for the new Amazon headquarters. You can draw your conclusions from there about the stampede of business to the nation’s capital.

As for music, Shania Twain became one of the largest-selling performing artists in history despite a difficult childhood because she had talent and she wanted it … not because of a Timmins music strategy.

Ottawans didn’t recycle organics enough because they didn’t like maggots and goo. Watch that change with plastic bags in the mix. The city can’t make people do things they don’t want to do.

So a one-person, $100,000-per-year music strategy is a waste of money.

The next Celine Dion appears because she wants it, not municipal government.


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