Why The Stanley Cup Monument Is Wrong


Here’s why the choice of the Stanley Cup monument on Sparks Street is wrong.

The winning offering is missing one thing.

Just check out the video below. It comes screaming at you.


The top 10 Team Canada goals in history.


In case you missed it, hockey is about emotion. There’s no emotion in the winning entry.

Anyone who writes or creates well knows that whatever they do, it must be exciting.

No emotion? No interest.



The winning proposal by artist Linda Covit.


The top choice was by artist Linda Covit and it is very nice.

But does it speak to you? It rather just sits there. It’s like the Langevin Block … nice but emotionless.

The Bulldog’s choice is below.



The Bulldog’s choice by SPMB/1X1 Architecture.


The proposal by SPMB/1X1 Architecture captures the dream of Canadian youth. Hands outstretched trying to touch the Stanley Cup.

Tourists walking down the Sparks Street Mall will want to touch it, too. And take photos of it. Kids would come running to see it.

Most people will simply walk by the winning choice as it stands. Another monument in a city filled with monuments.

Doesn’t anyone in this city know how to create emotion?


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6 thoughts on “Why The Stanley Cup Monument Is Wrong

  1. The difference in the two pictures is telling – one has people engaging with the monument while the other shows few people. We don’t know if the person sitting on the ‘puck’ just saw a place to sit down and the other two are just walking by but not connecting with it.
    I wonder how many people who know the Cup in its current configuration would even recognize the bowl by itself.

    1. The Voter,

      You do realize that this is a model you are looking at. Further, there will be a wireless connection for your smart phone to inform on the monument’s details, hockey history and the NHL.

      Secondly, Ken talks about youthful emotion but which one truly engages people more? Young kids will enjoy the huge hockey puck (yeah, you can sit on it) and running in, out and around the cup. Older kids will also search for their favourite team name inscribed in the “ice” surface. Meanwhile the adults, even those who don’t care about hockey, will enjoy the artistry of this sculpture.

      Thirdly, the lighting (for the Covit monument) is going to be spectacular. The interesting shadows and colour during the daytime was commented on by the judges. And the nighttime is even more attractive with an amazing light arrangement.

      Lastly, which design will get more national and international attention? Which design is most likely to win design awards for originality and excellence? Which design will tourists remember most when they leave Ottawa: a copy of the current Stanley Cup or this unique design? Which design looks best facing the cenotaph?

      Anyway, you have another 12 months to ponder those questions before this winning design becomes a living reality.

      1. I know it’s an artist’s rendering of the model – what I was commenting on was that one proponent visualized their concept with people while the other one didn’t.

        If it doesn’t look like what they are familiar with as the Stanley Cup and they don’t recognize it, people aren’t going to stop and listen to something on their phones. They’ll walk by it as people walk by many of the other monuments in the city. If they don’t know what it is, don’t know to look for it and don’t stop to investigate, they won’t remember it when they leave.

        I’m not much of a hockey fan but I would know the current configuration of the Stanley Cup if I came across it. This design reminds me of a silver fruit bowl my grandmother had.

  2. Art is in the eye of the beholder but, what the heck. My eyes are so off kilter that I like the proposed Chateau addition.

    But putting it on Sparks Street is definitely a boo-boo.

    Needs to be located on his lairdship’s front lawn.

    Just think of the selfies and photo-ops.

    Just think of his lairdship out in his bathrobe shooing away the pigeons.


    1. Chaz,

      The front lawn? No way Mayor Jim Watson wants anything to distract the voters’ eyes from his re-election sign that will be going up on his front lawn in 2018.

      P.S. I like the design of the Chateau Laurier expansion, but only as a separate condo building. It does not conform to the Chateau Laurier’s current style. I think the re-design will soon be revealed, so shortly we shall be able to judge those new design changes.


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