Why We Need A Flag-Raising Policy: Top-10 List




Wow. You want to get Mayor Jim Watson mad, cross him up on symbolic gestures that mean almost nothing.

Ceremonies, flag-raisings, keys to the city, Order of This and That, plaques to anyone who can vote. Why His Worship was so angry about raising a pro-life flag at city hall, he issued a terse two-sentence edict asking for recommendations from the city clerk on flags and proclamations in one month … dammit.

Video above: Why is Mayor Jim Watson so angry? He proclaimed National March For Life Day in the capital. Why does he need policy recommendations from city clerk Rick O’Connor when all Watson needs is to curb himself?

You might not agree with a pro-life flag at city hall but at least it had meaning. It brought a response … though maybe not a good one. That’s more than most all the others. Which day is Ottawa Macrame Day? It’s so hard to remember.

And speed. Watson wants recommendations to change the policy in a month. A month? Too bad we couldn’t get a study done in a month on overpasses to Barrhaven where six people were killed in a bus-train crash. Or a month to complete the safety study on the Laurier bike lanes where a young woman was killed last year. But meaningless gestures? One month.

For the most part proclamations accomplish nothing, don’t offend anyone, give a great photo-op and cost next to nothing. They make it look like something is being done when absolutely nothing is being done. Perfect politics.

The biggest offence committed in regard to the pro-life flag was that it was controversial … that it mattered … that it offended some people. Get back to proclaiming Civic Anti-Chafing Day.

Anyway, here by way of a Top 10 list and in his own words, are the reasons for Watson’s anger.


Top 10 Reasons Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Wants Changes To The Flag-Raising And Proclamations Policy:

10. Deans might proclaim What The Hell Is Going On With Light-Rail Day;

9. We can’t just have any idiot raising flags at city hall. It should be me;

8. Chiarelli, Ottawa Pot-Hole Day isn’t funny;

7. Leiper might run off half-cocked and proclaim Winter Tricycle Day;

6. Proclaiming stuff is an expert art only I can perform;

5. Nussbaum proclaimed Groundhog Day and now look … the damn rodents are everywhere;

4. Riley Brockington wanted to proclaim I Was Thrown Under The Bus By Jim Watson Day when I wanted to proclaim It Was Fun Throwing Riley Brockington Under The Bus Day;

3. There was a dispute over when to celebrate Sod Day;

2. So what’s wrong with Watson 2018 For Mayor Day?

1. I want to present My Ottawa Senators with My Stanley Cup.


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3 thoughts on “Why We Need A Flag-Raising Policy: Top-10 List

  1. So many reasons for raising a flag. So many proclamations to make. So many selfies, tweets and photo-ops – How is a Laird to keep up with all these goings-on?

    Work, work, work, work.

  2. ‘Symbolic gestures that mean almost nothing’ – perfect description of the city awards.
    Not meant to minimize any persons efforts in helping others in need. However, often regular citizens are given awards for helping a co-worker or neighbor needing medical assistance. This leaves me wondering why what I consider ‘common decency’ now needs/merits an award?

    1. Fed-Up,
      I do not believe that people, in general, do deeds of valour to get recognition. The person doing the deed did what came naturally to them. The giver of the award,in general, is giving a pat on the back to the deed doer. There are many people that do wonderful things on a regular and sometimes daily basis. The best recognition comes directly via a thank you from the person, or group of persons , that are affected.
      Sometimes; however, when the award is politicalized I do think that the giver of the award just plain loves the photo-op.


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