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This is a comment from Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson concerning The Bulldog post Wilkinson Lost On Driver-less Cars.

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Wilkinson’s comment to The Bulldog is below:


If you read the motion you’ll find that it is the City, Invest Ottawa, universities etc. supporting business in getting a Centre of Excellence here and having the city become more supportive to the incredible businesses we have here.

We have two Centres of Excellence in Ottawa now – one for Future Networking (located in Kanata) and one for medical devices (located at the University of Ottawa). These are not large but help innovative new businesses succeed.

QNX and others provided the info for the motion as having the city behind them is important. Apple is here trying to ‘steal’ researchers from Ottawa so our city is already known as a centre for autonomous research. Driverless cars are a long time away but driver assists (like parking your car or staying in your lane) are underway. QNX is in nearly 90 per cent of the world cars now so even a company in Canada can be a world leader.

So explain this to me Marianne. We already have two centres of excellence and we want three? How exactly does this work?

Should we have a Center of Excellence on every street corner? Remember there are only so many street corners and, from the looks of things, we might run out of street corners for Centres of Excellence.

How much more excellent can Ottawa be?

And if QNX had to provide information for your motion, how exactly can the city add anything to what the company is offering?


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