Will Doug Ford Last Four Years As Premier? Bulldog Poll



With all the untoward acts that occurred under Rob and Doug Ford at Toronto City Hall, with all the personal problems the Ontario premier-elect faces and a divisive Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, will Ford last as premier for four years?

Let’s see what Bulldog readers think:


Voting on this poll has closed. Final results will be in Friday’s Bulldog.

Thank you for your participation.



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7 thoughts on “Will Doug Ford Last Four Years As Premier? Bulldog Poll

  1. Well, I am in the minority with my no vote. It is more wishful thinking than anything else. Hey, a guy’s gotta have a dream.
    And, I must add that I am a thousand per cent in favour of politicians who want to do more for our citizens who are at the bottom of the ladder. However, I don’t see these multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires, who are being called populists, as anything more than empty-suits.
    Ten pennies off the price of a litre of gas doesn’t mean much if I can’t afford to own a car. A bit off the price of electricity means nothing if I haven’t got a place to live. A reduction in income tax means nothing if my income is ODSP.

    1. Chaz,
      I’m joining you on the ‘NO’ ship for all the reasons you gave.
      In addition, I wonder about his health. His father and brother died of the same thing and I see no indications he takes care of his health. In fact, he’s a walking advertisement for how to book yourself into an early grave. With the extra stress and pressure of the new job, will his body be able to take it?
      The other question I have is whether his renowned short attention span and even shorter fuse will result in something that will either have him walk away or have the party walk him away from the position.

      1. The Vote:

        I could see the PCs turning on Doug Ford and turfing him with a non-confidence vote.

        It is the Tories after all.



  2. Ken. When placing a bet never make your decision based on emotion. Since we now have a majority government in Ontario, Doug Ford and the provincial PCs will decide when the next election takes place and they’ll run the government for as long as possible, just like the Kathleen Wynne-led Liberals did.

    1. Sisco,
      We still have legislation that sets a fixed date for the next election – the same law that determined the June 7th date this time around. He could, with his majority, change that but will have to explain it to the public.

  3. sisco,
    The PCs will run out the clock but that does not mean that they will keep the same leader.
    I’m sticking with a NO on this vote.


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