Will Watson Run In 2018? Vote




Mayor Jim Watson said rather off-handedly recently that he would announce within the next few weeks if he were running again in the 2018 municipal election.

That will mean for him a stint as mayor at the former city of Ottawa and, if he wins in 2018, 12 years as the amalgamated city’s mayor.

So the question is will he run for mayor? We have a Bulldog Poll on that.

You get one vote. If you want to expand on the reason for your vote, go to the comment box at the bottom of the post.


Voting on this poll has closed. See The Bulldog on Wednesday for the final results. Thank you for participating.




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13 thoughts on “Will Watson Run In 2018? Vote

  1. His worship will run again because the federal job offer is not yet on the table and Jim brings nothing to the federal liberal table except baggage which in 2018 will not be welcome for a next year federal election

    1. Today’s Ottawa Citizen ‘Mayor puts priority on troubled radio system’. Watson states: The good thing is we’re not going down the path of what we see federally with the Phoenix system.

      Does he think this will help with a federal job offer? We might be stuck with him forever …

  2. Check out the picture that the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce has posted on their site re: the up-coming Mayor’s Breakfast.

    The pictures on the Bulldog seem to be of a slightly older and less smiley person.

  3. With Watson as a perfect example, I favour a two-term maximum for all city council positions.
    I hope at least one good candidate steps forward and runs for mayor.
    Ottawa cannot afford another term of Watson.

  4. Watson wouldn’t be announcing this early that he’s not going to run. While it would open things up for one of his acolytes to declare their candidacy, it would also put Watson in a lame-duck position for almost two years. That would severely weaken his hold on members of council since they know the coat-tails won’t help them in 2018.
    The exception to that would be if he’s leaving in the near future to take up some other post. That’s not likely to happen before the glory of the 150th is over and the LRT is open UNLESS the new position is so attractive that it would outshine being the mayor throughout 2017. We know it won’t be a posting as ambassador to China or the European Union/Germany but perhaps there are other possibilities out there.

  5. I’m with Chaz … I would like to see a survey questioning should he run again.

    He will run. His ego would prevent him from doing otherwise. Also, he has demonstrated in the past that he has no problem with ducking out of his commitment to a position if something he likes more comes up.

    Anne Marie


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