Will You Boycott The U.S.? Bulldog Poll




Many Canadian are calling on their countrymen to refrain from purchasing U.S. vacations and goods.

This comes after nasty remarks came by U.S. President Donald Trump and his minions about Canada and its leader. Trump has already imposed new tariffs and threatens crippling more.

Will you participate? A Bulldog Poll is below. Vote:


This poll is now closed. See Friday’s Bulldog for the results.



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2 thoughts on “Will You Boycott The U.S.? Bulldog Poll

  1. Not vacationing in the U.S. is very easy to do. In the summer there is absolutely no reason to go to the U.S. – Canada has it all. Even your local area probably has stuff you have never done.

    In the cooler spring and fall try out the deep south of Canada that is the Windsor area (much warmer than Ottawa)

    For the winter there are many places to go that have Florida beat hands down.

    I find it takes some extra effort to avoid goods that are made in the U.S. and sometimes it is impossible. I don’t know where vegetables come from in the winter and neither does my grocer. Some other goods at the grocer will say U.S., Canada, Mexico , etc. so I look for Canada first, then other counties with the U.S. being my dead last choice.

    For other things, I go to Home Hardware and Canadian Tire.

    And, as an added habit – try to shop locally. There are four places to get pizza in town. Two are chains and two are 100 per cent locally owned. The local guys get all my dough (their pizza is also better).



  2. Wonder who the U.S. and its paltry 325 million will sell to if the whole world wakes up and kicks them to the curb.



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