Winemaker Felled By #metoo And Himself: Stuff



What a shame. Winemaker Norman Hardie from Prince Edward County not only makes some of the best cold-climate pinot noirs in Canada but in the world. None other than world-renowned wine critic Jancis Robinson has glowed about his chardonnays and pinot noirs. But then #metoo came to Picton and a Globe and Mail investigation revealed that Hardie admitted to bad behavior with some of his employees: “Some of the allegations made against me are not true, but many are. Behaviour and language I viewed at the time as harmless or good-natured was anything but,” Hardie said. “To all those who felt marginalized, demeaned or objectified while working for or alongside me, I am truly very sorry.” Now the SAQ has dropped Hardie’s wines and so too are many restaurants. The LCBO won’t restock its shelves with Hardie’s wines. And for what it’s worth, your agent will take a pass as well. What a shame. Yet another talented person felled by bad behavior. I make occasional trips to PEC and Norman Hardie is one of the stops in this magnificent wine district. What is amazing is that Hardie might be the best-known winemaker is the county, but some mom-and-pop operations that sell wine in their barn make even better. But we are all responsible for our actions, including the most talented among us. Now Hardie is paying the steep price … What a refreshing statement from Ottawa Senators draft pick Jacob Bernard-Docker. “It’s just surreal excitement. I came in not knowing what to expect but to go to the nation’s capital with the history and background in Ottawa is unbelievable.” Better get here soon, Jacob, before they destroy part of its history with the facile addition to the Chateau Laurier … Talk about bad planning. Gatineau wants to make use of the Prince of Wales Bridge but Mayor Jim Watson has put it into Phase 3 of Ottawa’s LRT. No date has been set for the bargain-basement link but it will be used beyond 2031Watson even fooled a reporter into thinking the POW bridge refurbishment would cost $100 million. His own staff estimates it will cost between $20 million and $40 million. So Watson chose his big lizard party and Ottawa 2017 over a lasting and useful link to Gatineau. But a party is more important than infrastructure in Watson’s eyes. Don’t believe it? Just drive over another of Watson’s potholes and think of the mayor. That’s what you get when you set arbitrary two-per-cent tax hikes over doing what needs to be done …


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