Winning Amazon Bid Has Its Downside



Winning the Amazon $5 billion, 50,000 employees second headquarters site has a distinct downside for the lucky one of 100 competing cities.

One of those urban areas is Ottawa though it is the longest of long-shots.

Here’s someone speaking from experience:

We here in Seattle remember what it was like to feel so giddy, so full of possibility. And we still feel that way sometimes.

But over time our infatuation has matured into something more nuanced. We’ve learned to recognize both the good and the bad that comes with sharing our lives with Amazon.

When you become Amazon’s new trophy city, things might get a little weird between us. So, while we’re still on good speaking terms, let us offer you these five pieces of advice.

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Video above: Even Stephen Colbert’s Late Show is bidding for the new Amazon HQ.


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4 thoughts on “Winning Amazon Bid Has Its Downside

  1. The challenge will be getting politicians from whatever city “wins” to look past the election cycle and build a healthy/sustainable city in the long term. From the article:

    “…the things you lack—be it housing, transit, or a diverse tech pipeline—will define you as a city. Here, we never quite managed to get an income tax in place, and now our state and county governments can’t scrape together the cash to properly fund the transportation and education systems that the area needs to keep the boom going.”

  2. Beware Amazons bearing gifts. This article would have been more useful before the bids went in rather than after. I don’t think, though, it would have made it past the stars in Jim Watson’s eyes as he thought about being the Mayor Who Won The Amazon Contest.

  3. They’re making a list,
    they’re checking it twice,
    they’re gonna find out who’s naughty, who’s nice,
    Amazon ain’t comin’ to your town.

    (sing it to the tune about Santa – it’s rather a catchy little ditty )


  4. IF Ottawa should win the Amazon bid, would that mean we will be adding a third tier in the Ottawa Caste System? Public sector, private sector and the Amazon sector and what order would they be placed in?

    And for information purpose only, if Mayor Jim Watson wants Amazon to locate to LeBreton Flats would that mean Eugene Melnyk will be defeated by Watson yet again? Interesting scenario …


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