With Big Reservations, The Bulldog Endorses The NDP


“Weather is terrible. Premier Doug Ford. Don’t come back.”

This was a message your agent received last spring while on a warm vacation from a snow-bound friend.

This is not the Ontario I know. An entire country was conned by President Donald Trump. Now Trump’s self-styled admirer and devotee is on the cusp of being premier of Ontario. I thought Canadians were smarter. Perhaps not.

His program is called a Plan For The People. Whose people? Doug Ford’s people? What has Doug Ford done for Ontario? Nothing but run for office. How generous.  Check his biography. His own biography.

Ford propped up one of the most corrupt and inept governments in Canada … that of his brother Rob at the City of Toronto. That administration embarrassed Toronto and Canada. Could not Doug have stepped in to save his drug-addled sibling? Apparently not.

So we have scenes of Doug Ford abusing people in Toronto’s council chamber. A councillor abusing The People in a hall of democracy. That’s not leadership. That’s bullying. That’s sick.

He abused the media. He praised Trump, a compulsive liar, an abuser of women and a bully. Trump’s day of judgment will come. With luck, before his death.

Ford was appalled by the appointment of candidates by former PC leader Patrick Brown, then appointed 11 of his own.

His campaign document is that of a simpleton. Catch phrases and slogans to capture the stupid. Cheap beer. Better access to beer and wine. Cut the price of gas (how?). Cut wait times at hospitals (how?) Put more money in your pocket (how? and hasn’t your idol Trump been good for Ontario with tariffs and the like? Less money in Ontarians’ pockets.) Restore respect for taxpayers (what does that mean?). Cut hydro rates. Create good jobs (after your mentor Trump has taken them away).

Now on the cusp of an election, no accident to be sure, his brother’s widow claims that Doug Ford siphoned off millions from his brother’s estate that should have gone to herself and her children. Ford responds by saying she has a substance-abuse problem. Like his brother. Now his sister-in-law. What did he do in those two cases to help them? Take their money? None of this has been proven in court and, unfortunately, won’t be heard until long after the election.

And in general, prior to Ford’s successful leadership bid and after, the Tory party has been run like the Gong Show. No, that’s not true. The Gong Show had a semblance of organization. How can Ford, whose party is in shambles, be expected to run a good government?


The Gong Show: The PC party in action.


None of this sounds like well-respected Tories such as Bill Davis, John Robarts or Leslie Frost. More like the Gene Gene The Dance Machine.

All this astounds me how Ontarians could fall for this crap. Politics has declined to a couple of catchphrases … such as “Lock him up” or “Make Ontario Stupid Again.”

Premier Kathleen Wynne appears to be a non-factor now. She won’t be elected but were she, Ontario’s already-high deficit would rise immeasurably in a good economy. That would be inflationary and would hurt the working poor, seniors and the disabled. If you want to begin massive new social programs, do it when the economy needs the money. That’s not now. Today is the first time since 2008 to pay down debt.

Also inflationary is boosting the minimum wage drastically over a short period of time. That the three groups of people above profoundly. If you want to boost the minimum wage, do so gradually so inflation doesn’t swallow the increase.

Under Wynne, we’ve had prisoners sleeping in showers and major court cases stayed because the judicial system is a mess. That is fundamental to the rule of law and the Liberals have let us down on that score. It’s not as if the Grits haven’t had time to fix that over the last 15 years.

Worst of all is according to Ontario’s auditor-general, Wynne cooked the provincial books. That’s unethical and unworthy of your vote.

At rest, your agent is a liberal and the Ottawa area has a number of good Grit candidates as The Bulldog’s endorsements hopefully attest. But their leader is unfortunate.

The easy way to get out of this endorsement dilemma is to say no one should be backed for premier. None are worthy of the job. And that was considered.

But it is also a cop-out. The people will vote but The Bulldog can’t make a decision. Not a very good example.

Personally, your agent doesn’t like debt and doesn’t have any. I’d rather have people pay me for my money than pay other people for their money. That’s a waste. I believe in self-reliance and, so far at least, your agent has been self-reliant. I think the disadvantaged should be helped. I strongly support universal healthcare despite its limitations.

Someday universal drug and dental care should be available to all but not today. Ontario has too much debt now. Maybe somewhere down the line those services will become available. I hope so. But maybe they won’t.

Which of course brings us to the NDP. It wants universal drug and dental care … now. They purport to end hallway medicine and increase senior care. Cut hydro bills by 30 per cent and buy back Hydro One. Have the government take over student debt. They will create thousands of jobs for students. And the NDP will ask the rich and corporations to pay more (I guess that will create more jobs for students).

None of this warms the cockles of my heart. Some of it is nice to have. Some of it is impossible to have. Some of it is unintelligent to have.

But credit where credit is due, NDP leader Andrea Horwath has not lied to me.

That’s better than the other two.

What Ontario needs is for the Grits and Tories to lose so they can renew themselves, find new, smart leadership and lead Ontario rationally and progressively.

In the meantime, reluctantly, The Bulldog endorses the NDP in Thursday’s provincial election.


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15 thoughts on “With Big Reservations, The Bulldog Endorses The NDP

  1. Ken:

    I don’t agree with you 100 per cent regarding everything. Implementation of things such as dental care, increasing the minimum wage and increasing benefits for people on ODSP and social assistance are needed now.

    And, I am not so hard on Premier Kathleen Wynne as you are.

    But, I am 100 per cent in agreement on the biggest issue – we can not afford Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford.


  2. Ken:

    I’m shocked intelligent people like yourself can endorse the NDP, and endorse everyone having a free lunch from here to infinity when we are already up to our eyeballs in debt and deficit spending.

    12 billion dollars a year goes to service Ontario debt – imagine the services that 12 billion could buy for Ontario people. Its more than enough for free dental and pharmacare, and would go a long way to reducing “hallway medicine”.

    Raising the minimum wage again and giving an extra week of holidays to employees – nice of the NDP to promise things that business will have to pay for, and can’t afford. Now there’s a job killing strategy for low income earners and students in Ontario.

    Sanctuary province? The very mention of it will send many more tens of thousands scurrying to Ontario for subsidized housing, free medical, free dental, free pharma, etc. Toronto can’t even feed or shelter homeless Canadians anymore – all shelter, foodbank and social assistance $$ are being taken up by migrants jumping the queue, entering Canada as they see fit – no regard for Canada’s laws or those waiting years in immigration cues. The mayor of Toronto is screaming for help, Toronto is completely overwhelmed and in crisis – imagine when Ontario announces we are now a sanctuary province…Hallway medicine on steroids anyone?

    Forgiving student debt/interest? Free tuition? What ever happened to students getting part-time jobs, getting work experience while helping to pay their own way? Oh, right, thanks to NDP job killing strategies, there won’t be any such jobs for students.

    Our credit rating is now lower than Quebec’s thanks to years of piling on debt with no end in sight. We have the largest sub-national debt on the planet. Piling on more debt when our economy is growing at 2% is insanity – what happens when interest rates rise and a recession hits? Think Greece…and you endorse an NDP government?

    I’m sick of people voting to pile debt on to my children and future grandchildren under the guise of “people need the help now”. Its incredibly short-sighted and selfish. I expect it from politicians desperate for power – but I can’t forgive it from people who applaud themselves for their own good sense and fiscal prudence.

    Horwath hasn’t lied to you? Did she tell you her promises will bankrupt Ontario and leave nothing but debt and hardship for our children and future generations? A lie by omission.

    1. VH,
      Try paying the current level of tuition on a summer job – ain’t gonna fly.

      Try living on minimum wage in a part time job – forget it.

      Your 4th paragraph is rather upsetting. Reminds me a whole lot of Trump calling them dirty Mexicans criminals and rapists.

  3. Ken. I have been assessing all the leaders and their platforms. Kathleen Wynne has to go. Andrea Horwath? She wants to create programs many people want in place except she isn’t clear on what these programs will cost. Doug Ford? Seriously? As Ron Benn noted a week or so ago, I fear for this province.

    So what? Our lives have been altered dramatically in the past 150 years with all the changes that have been introduced to our society. But how much has our political system changed? Very little. In tomorrow’s election a number of independent candidates will appear on the ballot and some people will say you’re wasting your vote if you choose one of them, which I will be doing (I’ve done my research). Based on the current state of the three major parties I think others should consider taking the same action.

    I’m voting for change.

    1. sisco,
      I wish it did work without political parties, polarized politics and money but that ain’t the current reality.
      There are only three choices.

      1. Sad, sad, sad but true, Chaz, and the politicians are the ones who can help change happen. Will they? Not a chance, they’re sitting in the catbird seat.

  4. Ken:

    If we take Ford at his word (and I’m not a fan of his by the way – he did not get my vote), I expect:

    Lower gas prices
    No corporate welfare
    Personal income tax cuts
    Lower electricity costs
    Wasteful spending curbed
    Reduced/elimination of hallway medicine
    Return to balance by the end of the 4 years
    More help for mental illness
    Keeping back to work legislation in place (Horwath would take that option away and let unions hold us hostage)
    Tax cuts for business to make Ontario competitive and grow the economy and revenues
    0% income tax for people making under 30k
    Wine/beer at my convenience

    Even if I get some of that, as opposed to the destruction Horwath’s Marxist agenda would inflict on Ontario, I will be grateful.

    1. VH:

      Tax cuts and better healthcare.


      He’s promising you everything. He can’t give you close to everything.

      And remember his personality and his anger. He will self-destruct and you won’t get anything.

      The man is a mess.

      He’s a con man and you have been conned.

      Look at him. Would you do business with that guy?

      I wouldn’t.



  5. Voting for the least of evils? For Ontario to survive, I think that would be Ford. Let’s hope his caucus keeps him under control.

    1. Bruce,
      If the party was planning to exercise some control then there should have been a budget, a platform and more than slogans.

    2. Bruce. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well, the least of evils. Leadership is so critical to the province right now and I don’t see any of the 3 who appears to be a good leader (who knows, I could be wrong). Although to be honest two of them have never been given the opportunity.

    3. Lots of luck to the caucus in trying to control Ford. Wouldn’t they have been better choosing a leader who could behave responsibly? And wouldn’t the province be better with a premier who didn’t have to be controlled?

  6. I imagine many editorial boards were wringing their hands over this election.

    As a self identified red tory would have loved to vote PC with Christine Elliott. Gave Doug Ford a hearing during the election but cannot in good conscience vote for him. Platitudes make the worst policy.

    Libs – Wynne performed Hari Kari – enough said
    NDP – some concrete plans but can’t balance the balance sheet -oops
    PC – folks I will do all of the above and cut taxes and only lose one job, CEO of Ontario Hydro, while pulling out his financial shamwow wiping it over the books and poof balanced

    So I will vote NDP for the second time running. At least they offer a small business tax cut!

    Ken will you follow your own suggestion and vote NDP?

    1. Sam:

      This has been the hardest election in which I have had to vote in my lifetime.

      I’ve never seen such a bad choice. Our political parties are failing us badly.

      Early in the campaign, I said to myself there was no one to pick. Then I said if voters go to the polls and don’t choose, there goes democracy.

      Ethics do mean something to me. So I went with the person who didn’t lie to me.

      Howarth’s platform is not something with which I agree. But at least Howarth might be able to run a government.

      Ford is a disaster and Wynne lied to me.

      Not much of a choice but I will vote NDP.




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