Would You Pay The NRA For Gun Research?


The exaggeration here is to make a point, not that your agent would equate Citizens For Safe Cycling to the National Rifle Association.

Nevertheless the goal of Citizens For Safe Cycling is to “… promote cycling as a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly transportation alternative in the Capital Region.”

The goal of National Rifle Association “is an American nonprofit organization that advocates for gun rights”.

Now the world would be a better place if there were more bikes and fewer guns but the point of this is to illustrate that the cycling group is an advocate for bike use. The NRA is an advocate for gun use.

Your agent does not support the NRA at all and agrees with many of the things Citizens For Safe Cycling does.

But here is the similarity. The NRA and CFSC are both advocates, promoters and most of all lobbyists.

Consider this for a moment. How would you feel if your MP paid money to the NRA for research into the gun issue? How do you feel if your councillor pays $3,700 to CFSC for cycling research? Hello Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper.


Here are 26 minutes you’ll never get back from your life. Councillor Jeff Leiper acrobatically winter biking. Mayor Jim Watson does this too but his chauffeur has to do the pedalling. Next Circle du Soleil.


Guess how the research will look from advocates. And we have seen some of the absolutely baseless opinions on so-called biking research right here on The Bulldog. Why one bike advocate suggested that cycling could cure most every major disease known to mankind. See how your athletes foot works out by cycling.

Politicians should not be paying car lobbyists for car research, nor housing lobbyists for housing research, nor airline lobbyists for airline safety research, nor gun lobbyists for gun research, nor cycling lobbyists for cycling research. In all those instances, we have a fair idea of how the study will look.

Leiper is a cycling enthusiast. In fact, the councillor is one of the rarest of species … the slippery-tired winter biker. So enthusiast might be a bit of an understatement.

Leiper represents all the citizens of Kitchissippi and thus must take a step back from his cycling advocacy and reflect all the views of taxpayers whose money he sent to CFSC. As a resident of Kitchissippi, I don’t want my tax money being sent to any lobbyist organization, from military hardware-makers to elves producing fairy dust.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with private citizens advocating for cycling. That’s in part how democracy works. There is something wrong with politicians sending them taxpayer money for research to be used in public-policy decision-making.

Unfailingly, you can get pesky lobbyist information for free. Just check your email inbox.


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10 thoughts on “Would You Pay The NRA For Gun Research?

  1. Last year I recall asking one of The Bulldog’s commenters, Steve I think, where the bicycle advocacy got its funding.
    It was far too organized in its efforts to be an ad-hoc group that funded itself off of loonies (pun intended) and toonies tossed in a basket during a meeting. Now we know. They get funded by people with budgets, such as Councillor Jeff Leiper. The next question is did they get more public money, whether in the guise of a government grant or for the sale of more independent, objective studies?


  2. Talk about bad habits.
    Did anyone notice the ‘rolling stop’ at the first STOP sign.
    A stop sign means your wheels stop, it does not mean you sorta stop.


      1. Ken,
        If the video was made to promote the joy and ease of biking, then at least the person making the video should have come to a complete stop at the stop sign and shown us how well he respected traffic rules during his travels.
        An advocate for safe biking should have come to a completed stop and perhaps checked his blind spots now and again too.


  3. Please enlighten me! What exactly does the tedious video shot from a bicycle have to do with your charge that Leiper is using his councillor’s office budget to subsidize Citizens for Safe Cycling, which you have tagged a lobby group.
    Would it not be a more pointed piece of journalism to unearth the research carried out with the cash and examine whether that was a sound expenditure of tax-sourced money? What was the nature of the research conducted? If it was simply a means of disguising a pay-out to the group, let’s see that demonstrated through an examination of work done for the councillor’s office.


    1. Brocklebank:

      Your response sounds like politics to me.

      Leiper paid $3,700 to a lobby group to do research.

      You think that’s right?




  4. Ken, your ongoing diatribes against cyclists are rather tiresome. Like Brocklebank says: What was accomplished? CfsC (now Bike Ottawa) has a solid record of evidence-based research and advocacy that has benefited the city greatly. Ever heard of action research? citizen science? You can’t judge an action just from the surface. And $3,700 is peanuts, by the way, compared to what a city employee would have spent on a consultant.

    More substance, less rhetoric, please.


    1. EajD:

      Give your head a shake. Evidence-based? Come on.

      You should spend a little time on #ottbike.

      And if you seriously read what I write, you would note that I agree very much with biking. It’s the self-righteous cyclists that bother me.

      And I’m sorry you find me tiresome.




    2. EajD:

      Each Sunday you chip in here at The Bulldog like a cloud on a sunny day.

      I don’t think you’re spending enough time at church on Sunday. You need a little more faith-based evidence.

      Church-going would help you, Eajd.

      It would give you a rosier disposition.




  5. I was left wondering what type of research does one get for $3,700. I struggle with the idea that it would involve an original study, as any meaningful original study would cost a lot more than $3,700. Was it a compilation of existing studies or reports? Were any of those studies or reports relevant to Ottawa? Did the report include any local data that provided the reader with some context?

    Perhaps Councillor Jeff Leiper would be good enough to share the report that we the people paid for, by way of his office budget, with the public.


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