You Can’t Suck And Blow, Your Worship: Whopper Watch


“As Ottawa grows and evolves, the conservation of large, pristine landscapes that provide essential ecological services, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities is a high priority for the City and for the community. The Carp Hills acquisition adds to the overall protection of this environmentally important region.”

Mayor Jim Watson on the protection of the South Carp hills lands


This from the man who called the green space along the Macdonald Parkway “scrub land” when he wanted to drive light rail through it.

This from the man who didn’t lift a finger to save the 19th-century gardens at Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent … or the convent for that matter.

So what will it be Your Worship? Environmentalist or scrub-land destroyer? You can’t suck and blow at the same time.



Perhaps your agent can help you with the definitions. Scrub land is when you or a developer want it for something. Environmentally sensitive fairy dust when it contains swampland that you can’t build on. Is that how it works?

Here’s what you’re trying to be, Your Worship. All things to all people.

But if one were forced to decide between the two, it would probably be Mayor Jim “Scrub Land” Watson.

That’s because there’s no money in swamps.

The release containing the whopper is below:

MA – Carp Hills – Ducks Unlimited_EN


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3 thoughts on “You Can’t Suck And Blow, Your Worship: Whopper Watch

  1. It looks like Jim Watson is revving up the re-election machine. Like many politicians, consistency is not part of the equation, unlike hypocrisy.


  2. Ken:

    Are you allowed to use the word swamp?

    I think we now call things that were by their new names.

    He is they, she is they, hamburgers are sandwiches and swamps are wetlands.

    Giving land, that a developer wants, to a developer is called back-scratching and good politics. For gawd’s sake let’s not talk about it.



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