You’re The Man, Paul Godfrey



Congratulations to Postmedia head honcho Paul Godfrey who has done for journalism what Pamela Anderson did for modesty. Come to think of it, what the Toronto Sun did for modesty.

His strategy of cutting journalists has been followed by newspapers plunging revenue and economic difficulties to the extent that right-winger Godfrey went hat-in-hand recently to the federal government asking for help … any help … please.

Accordingly after dismal financial figures at Postmedia last week, what’s Godfrey’s strategy? Cut more journalists.

So let’s see. Cutting journalists has resulted for years in less revenue. Now Godfrey wants to cut more journalists. That’s some kind of high-priced original thinking.

What could go wrong?



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6 thoughts on “You’re The Man, Paul Godfrey

  1. Really? More cuts? There’s going to be nothing but crickets left there soon. I stopped my online subscription to a PostMedia property when they combined newsrooms and the product was essentially identical so I don’t see how this helps.

    Save for a select few bright spots, local journalism is a wasteland these days.

    1. Nicholas:

      And thus The Bulldog. Trying hard to find a new business model for journalism because the current one is broken.



  2. I was willing to subscribe to the CItizen until Postmedia signed a revenue-sharing deal with a payday lender. How likely is Mogo going to be to get criticism in Postmedia papers when they make money based on how much money Mogo makes?

    1. Bob,
      These so-called payday lenders should be curtailed by law. They take advantage of the people who can least afford to lose. The government should rein them in by reducing the amount they can charge. Their existence makes my skin crawl let alone doing business with one.

      News reporting needs to bring much more light to the pay-day loan companies and their practices. How can a newspaper do investigative reporting on this topic if they are in bed with one of them?

      Good for you for not subscribing.

  3. Paul Godfrey has a very unimpressive history of “fixing” organizations. I question the wisdom of those who employ him.


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