Be Effective, Not Political, Mark Sutcliffe

This from the former member of the transit commission and one of the few people who spoke truth to power at Ottawa City Hall:



I have no idea what Mayor Mark Sutcliffe is trying to achieve politically or practically with this other than to create publicity and manufacture an issue.

I’d rather see a tweet from him on his plan to fix light rail. We don’t appear have one right now.

People don’t like that.

Let’s try to be effective rather than political.

People like that.

We have had a snootful of political from your friend former mayor Jim Watson and look where it has got us.

Ottawa City Hall is in crisis.

Be your own man.

Ken Gray

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  1. Andrew says:

    The convoy protest proves the City cannot be trusted with crowds. This is what you get!

  2. Ken Gray says:

    Yes Andrew:

    Another city failure … this time our sainted police.

    It’s getting difficult writing the bulldog because I can’t keep up with all the problems at city hall.

    where is the province.



  3. Kosmo says:

    Mayor Mark is getting ahead of the story, he’s looking for someone to blame if crowd complaints come in after Canada Day.

  4. Ken Gray says:

    k — the city is in chaos and the mayor is playing politics — pathetic — k

  5. Bob says:

    Bulldog should explain to Andrew that the “Sainted Police” can only enforce Laws and regulations provide bu Government. Ncc are the incompetent in the Canada Planning not the Police !!!!

  6. Bob says:

    Bulldog should explain to Andrew that the “Sainted Police” can only enforce Laws and regulations provide by Government. NCC are the incompetent in the Canada Planning not the Police !!!!

  7. Ron Benn says:

    Karma, Mayor Sutcliffe, karma. Ottawa’s Traffic misManagement department is getting back what it delivers on a regular basis.

    As the now Past President of the Centrepointe Community Association, I have the “scars” (metaphorically speaking) to show for interfacing (a term to describe the impersonal interaction with a inanimate object) with Traffic misManagement. Suggestions on how to enhance a traffic calming plan are ignored. Suggestions from the people who live with the challenges on a daily basis. From the people who contibute and suffer from hazards at specific locations. All dismissed with a metaphorical wave of waive of the hand. Much like one sees in a scene from a movie loosely based on a Jane Austen novel. In the event that the Traffic misManagement staff member even deigns to respond, is the municipal standard run on sentence that boils down to ‘this does not appear to be a problem in our computer model’. That the model may not reflect reality is not on their department drop down menu.

    So, Mr. Mayor. Perhaps you could wander down a hall or seven and have chat with the Traffic misManagement department manager. Assuming he/she/they is in the office. Perhaps the two of you could Google “karma” and discuss what that means in the context of a tone deaf city. Bring an extra large re-useable mug of coffee. It should be a very long discussion.

  8. Ron Benn says:

    Bob is pointing the finger in the right direction. The NCC moved a big element of Canada Day celebrations to the lawn of the War Museum Lebreton Flats due to construction on Parliament Hill. The problem is that access to Lebreton Flats is far more limited than the Hill.

    The Pimisi LRT station was designed as a transfer point for public servants who live in Ottawa but work in Gatineau. Pimisi and more importantly Booth Street were not designed to handle hundreds of thousands of pedestrians. A couple of years ago Booth Street was impassable due to the volume of people on it. Emergency vehicles (ambulance, police and fire trucks) would not have been able to get to the Canada Day site on a timely basis.

    All of which is to say that the police are making situation specific decisions based on priorities that are in the best interests of public safety, and within the regulations they are required to fulfill. Convenience of traffic flow is not at the top of the list.

  9. Ken Gray says:


    We’ll see how sainted they are when the next cop stands up in front of judge which appears to be becoming more popular these days.



  10. The Voter says:

    Bob and Ron,

    Not that I wish to be coming to the defence of the NCC but isn’t Canada Day and its festivities organized by the federal Department of Heritage these days? I think that’s been the case for ten years or so, It’s still inept planning, just someone else’s inept planning.

  11. Ken Gray says:


    Canadian Heritage.



  12. The Voter says:

    Maybe before Sutcliffe runs off at the mouth like this, he should check with the police chief who, among others, has stated that using Booth Street as a pedestrian route doesn’t allow for emergency services to operate properly and, more importantly, safely when major events take place on the Flats. If an ambulance wasn’t able to get to an emergency on Canada Day, is Sutcliffe going to explain it to the family? If police can’t respond to an incident in a timely manner, is he going to take responsibility for the results?

    More of an issue, I would suggest, is having people walking from Lyon Station downhill to Lebreton and then back up when they leave. Why aren’t they directing them to Bayview Station instead of asking them to negotiate a cliff? It will be a long climb after a long day/evening for most people. Couldn’t they run buses to and from Tunney’s and Lyon Stations along the Parkway to the north end of Booth Street thereby avoiding the bridge at Pimisi?

  13. Paul says:

    He’s polishing up his “performative outrage” schtick

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