Better Weather … Our Service At Least

Here at Bulldog World Headquarters we appear to have come to the end of all those mysterious repairs we were having.

We were wondering if the previous weather service The Bulldog was using was part of the problem. So we de-activated it. Then we replaced it with another service until we solved the backend problems to the website.

Good news.

The problem wasn’t the old weather service, which readers overwhelmingly liked, so the old service is back. The temporary one is gone.

You’ll be happy to hear that.

Most importantly, the very popular 15-day forecast is back. So if you’re planning an outdoor activity a few days from now, The Bulldog gives you a pretty fair forecast for then. You’ll like that.

Remember too, that The Bulldog gives you real-time weather warnings from Environment Canada. That’s vital when severe storms, or even tornadoes, are on the way.

We do this all for you so check it out by clicking here.


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