City Council: The Gang That Couldn’t Plan Straight

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Shortly after its election, Ottawa City Council followed the long-standing practice at Ottawa City Hall of developing a document called Term of Council Priorities.

One of the purposes of this exercise was to have a roadmap to guide them in their work for their four years in office.

Where has that been consigned? I see little evidence of any effort by council to follow any kind of organized plan in their work. There seems to be a lot of activity rushing off in all directions to respond to things the province sends its way but virtually nothing to implement the “priorities” they agreed on less than two years ago. Then there’s the busy work they do putting out fires in response to community concerns.

No wonder they’re so unproductive.




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2 Responses

  1. Ron Benn says:

    Council creating their Term of Office Priorities and then storing it on the office server, never to be looked at again, is just another example of them going through the motions. Literally.

  2. BeenThere says:

    The result of a complete lack of leadershi on the part of Sutcliffe.. Watson, with all his faults, was not afraid to turn off a microphone or shut down a councillor when they went rogue.

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