Deans Enters Palliative Care With Cancer

This is the saddest of sad notes. I’ve known former Gloucester-Southgate councillor Diane Deans for a couple of decades and she was the best of representatives for her community and Ottawa as a whole.

Deans always found time to answer a phone call from this reporter and that’s all a journalist really asks. She was always a bright light on each council on which she served. Our community is diminished without her voice on municipal affairs.

And personally, I always knew that Diane was a very reliable source and a caring person. She fought hard for the right.

Diane, I know everyone associated with this publication wishes you the best in a difficult situation. I’m sorry it has come to this point because you were always a cheerful warrior in the fight against your cancer.

Diane has led a very useful and happy life of which she should be so very proud. She has helped many, many people … including myself.

We miss you already.

Ken Gray


This is a release from Gloucester-Southgate Councillor Jessica Bradley who was an assistant to Diane for many years.


STATEMENT ON FORMER CITY COUNCILLOR DIANE DEANS ____________________________________ 

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the news that Diane Deans, former long-time Ottawa City Councillor, has entered palliative care after a five year battle with ovarian cancer. 

Those who know Diane, know that she is a fighter. Diagnosed in 2019, Diane has courageously fought this insidious disease and has been a pillar of strength throughout her journey. Her battle has been a public one and the support and outpour of love from the community has kept her strong. 

As one of the longest serving Councillors in Ottawa’s history, Diane proudly represented the residents of Gloucester-Southgate Ward for more than 28 years. She dedicated her life to public service and her contributions to her community and the city are countless. 

It is hard to imagine the City of Ottawa without Diane. Her passion, tenacity, and fearless spirit will forever be missed. Her resiliency is to be admired and her wisdom cherished. As she spends her remaining time with friends and family, there is no shortage of love and care. 

Diane is a woman who has lived boldly, led fearlessly, had the courage of her convictions, and left her mark on this earth. Diane will be leaving behind a legacy that will long-serve to inspire us to strive to make this city a better place. 

In recognition of Diane’s service to the City, Mayor Sutcliffe and I will be bringing forward a motion to Council to rename the Greenboro Community Centre in her honour. The Centre is just one of the many contributions that Diane has made and this recognition will serve to not only honour her memory but to remind us all of an amazing woman who truly made a difference. 

Diane is in the expert care of physicians and nurses and is being supported by her loving husband, Ron Richards, daughter Megan and grandson Evan. Further details on her condition will be shared in time. As this is a difficult time, the family asks for respect for their privacy. 

To send a message to Diane and family, please email


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3 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks for being such a good councilor for your ward and a fighter for the good of all Ottawans. May your parting be peaceful and as comfortable as can be.

  2. Ken Gray says:

    Well said, Bruce.

    Diane was what all women should aspire to be. A family person with a very successful public life.

    She was the best mayor we never had.

    If there is a superwoman, it’s Diane.

    So many grand qualities.


  3. sisco farraro says:

    I bumped into Ms Deans many times while grocery shopping in the south end of the city. Although we had never been formally introduced she always took the time to say “Hello” and as time passed our conversations increased in length and content. A very nice woman indeed.

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