Devine Files Inquiry On Controversial Tewin Deal

This is a transcript of an inquiry made late at Wednesday’s Ottawa City Council meeting by Knoxdale-Merivale Councillor Sean Devine:



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  1. Roch Lalande says:

    Something stinks in Denmark!

  2. MM says:

    Are those employees working from home full time, in an Ottawa city office, or a developer office?

  3. David says:

    Well work location is something to ponder I guess – but the real issue is where are their minds when it comes to decision-making. My mom always said, “Ya goes home with the guy what brought ya.”

  4. The Voter says:

    That Sean Devine – I like him more and more all the time!

    MM, very good point about place of work. It never occurred to me that they might be physically located at Tewin’s/Taggart’s offices but, if the rest of this is permitted, why not?

  5. Been There says:

    Sean Devine appears to be one of the good guys on council. Let’s not forget that many councillors who approved the initial Tewin deal are still on council. An April 18 , 2021 article in the Leveller by Josh Lalonde titled “Are developer donations driving city expansion?” delves into the council donations from the Taggart Group. A total of $70,000 was donated to various councillors from Taggart – the most from any developer.
    The article asks the question “If donations from developers truly have no impact on councillors decisions, then why do developers keep making them?”
    Everyone knows this deal smells , but with the majority of councillors and the Mayor having their bread buttered by developers , Taggart in particular, can the citizen’s of Ottawa expect a serious investigation into why city employees are being paid by Taggart. Viv Chi has already started the stonewalling.
    The Leveller article is a good refresher and worth the read. I would post the link , but the Bulldog is fragile right now and may not be able to handle the traffic. If you would like to read Lalonde’s story do a search for ,The Leveller are developer donations driving city expansion?

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