Ex-Mayor Chiarelli Remembers Diane Deans

This is a statement from ex-Ottawa mayor Bob Chiarelli on the death of former Gloucester-Southgate councillor Diane Deans:

Citizens of Ottawa will remember Diane Deans for her meaningful love of Ottawa and its people stretching from 1994 as Ottawa councillor and an exceptional community leader.

Most certainly a priority of Diane was the health of her constituents – so Diane was a prominent leader in Ottawa becoming the first city in Canada to ban smoking in public places.

One of her main concerns was always her dedication to the building of a new branch for the Ottawa Public Library in her rapidly growing ward – the Greenboro Library is being named after Diane.

And as her mayor, I can vouch for her tenacity of never taking a “no” for what was right for her constituents.

Diane commands the highest respect for her contributions to society and deserves the biggest thank you for her demonstrated courage and example of the lengthy challenges of her illness.

Diane will be remembered simply because she is unforgettable. 

Bob Chiarelli


Former Councillor Deans Succumbs To Cancer

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3 Responses

  1. Well said Bob! She had a desire to serve the public! and was appreciated by the general public!

  2. Ron Benn says:

    Councillors who currently populate the chamber should note Mr. Chiarelli’s comment that Councillor Deans never took a “no” for what was right for her constituents.

    Leadership means not going along to get along. Leadership means challenging the decisions made by staff and fellow councillors when you know that the decision is not right for your constituents.

  3. Annette Goldenberg says:

    Bob Chiarelli I just wanted say I liked what you wrote about Councillor Deans. I just wanted to let you know I remember much of when you were our Mayor and thank you for remembering Councillor Deans.

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