Fun Facts About Tewin Project: TOP 10 LIST

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These are the quirky things behind the Tewin project.

We discuss them by way of a Top 10 List.


Top 10 Fun Facts About Tewin Project

10. So far, on-time, on-budget;

9. Expects LRT service in 2257;

8. Will get LRT service in 2257 if LRT wheel-bearing issue solved by then;

7. Rat-free, rodents die of exhaustion after commute;

6. Stephanson seconded by Taggart for road work;

5. So far east, suburb might fall off right side of flat earth;

4. New city manager … Taggart;

3. Will solve Hawkesbury’s housing crisis;

2. So isolated, Mounties use it for witness protection;

1. Landfill.

Ken Gray

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