Hello? Hello? Councillors? Are You There?

Is The Bulldog the last man (person? dog? early newspaper press run?) standing?

At Ottawa City Hall, of the 15 major committee meetings scheduled until Aug. 14, seven of them have been cancelled.

You’d think with just the $6.4 billion light-rail fiasco alone, councillors would be working overtime trying to find a solution to the mess. Late, faulty, unreliable … the LRT that is, not the councillors. Our pols just aren’t there.

Worse there’s no plan to fix the hub and axle woes on the train. Alstom started to create a fix, then stopped for some reason we’re not sure.

There’s no plan to fix the train two years into Mayor Mark Sutcliffe’s campaign promise to fix the train. What’s he doing? Leaving it for the next guy?

Is this how seriously our elected officials take their jobs? Is there no sense of urgency on Laurier Avenue?

By all appearances, yes.

Oh, maybe not. Maybe they’re working on the huge claims against the LRT where the information is being withheld from the public. An abomination.

But then maybe if councillors are working, that’s confidential. Maybe everything will be confidential except for nightmayors and snow-plow naming in Shawarmatown.

The silence on LRT is deafening. It’s like councillors have been ordered not to make public statements on the transportation clown show.

Ken Gray

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2 Responses

  1. David says:

    I think BULLDOG should offer a free year’s subscription to the first councillor (or Mayor) who answers this call to action.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    Sure. Done. Two subscriptions.


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