Housing Starts Plummet In Ottawa

For all the noble pronouncements from city officials on intensification, here is the tale of the tape on Ottawa progress.

Thank goodness, politicians talk a better game than they play.

With this kind of retreat from goals, Ottawa might remain a nice city to live for a while at least.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa


The City of Ottawa Economic Development Update provides an overview of quarterly and annual economic indicators to the city’s economy. The Q1 2024 update covers the months of January, February, and March 2024. In Q1 2024, the City of Ottawa saw:

A 33.6 percent decrease in housing starts year-over-year from 1,626 to 1,080 housing starts.

Single-detached and apartment dwelling types experienced a decrease in starts year-over-year, with single detached starts down 31.9 percent and apartment starts down 44.4 percent; however, rowhouse starts increased by 56.2 percent and semi-detached starts increased by 133.3 percent.

Total construction permit value decreased by 19.8 percent year-over-year, with a 23.0 percent decrease in residential permit value and a 12.5 percent decrease in non-residential permit value.

The average housing resale price increased 2.0 percent from the previous quarter, while it increased 4.5 percent year-over-year.

The office vacancy rate decreased 0.3 percentage point from Q1 2023 to reach 12.0 percent.

The industrial vacancy rate increased 0.1 percentage points from Q1 2023 to reach 3.0 percent.

The inflation rate decreased 0.7 percentage points from the previous quarter and 3.4 percentage points year-over-year to hit 2.0 percent in Q1 2024.

The number of employed residents increased by 4.5 percent from Q1 2023 despite the unemployment rate having increased by 0.7 percentage points.


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  1. Ron Benn says:

    One dot on a graph does not a trend make. Having said that, a prudent councillor or twenty might ask for a graph showing housing starts, for the last five years, by density type (single family, row home/townhouse, mid-rise and high rise). If for no other reason than to be more fully informed.

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