‘Interim’ Situation At Ottawa City Hall Is Pathetic

In all the hub bub around Ottawa City Hall recently, please note who the key players were in the appointment.

Sheilagh Doherty, Interim Director,
Economic Development Services


Ryan Perrault, Interim General Manager, Strategic Initiatives Department


Perrault is now the emergency and protective services boss which, it appears, is being run by committee as he works with the SID.

Recently The Bulldog noted that one-third of the senior management team is “interim.”

Now this press release with “interim” all over it.

One of the biggest nightmayors at Ottawa City Hall has been the number of interim managers. No doubt this goes down the line if the top is so troubled. When does the memo go out to stop calling senior managers “interim?”

Some misguided people say The Bulldog is too tough on city hall. They are wrong. When you can’t hire people for top posts and people are leaving like rats from a sinking ship, The Bulldog is dead-on accurate.

The situation, ethical and functional, is so bad that the city can’t find ambitious young people to fill very well-paying, responsible posts.

That’s pathetic and not only is bad in the present but bodes poorly for the future. The province needs to take charge. There’s not even a plan to fix the $6.4 billion light-rail system. Premier Doug Ford is derelict in his duties as premier if he does not take charge of this situation.

Here is the press release:

Nightlife Commissioner Announcement_EN

2 Responses

  1. David says:

    Re the NightMayor. Well just reading the resume I see a B.A, work with a Montreal NFP and arranging a conference in that city. Not a whole lot else – but he rose to the top in a national? search. What results did he achieve in that city? What will he do for the next 6.5 months for Ottawa besides develop a plan for 2025?

  2. The Voter says:

    How long has it been since they had a full complement of Senior Staff at the City? One of the reasons they refer to this group as the “Senior Management Team” is that they are supposed to work together to move the City forward. It’s hard to get much done with a team that has constantly-changing players.

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