Londoners Flock To Ottawa: TOP 10 LIST

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Who can forget Mayor Mark Sutcliffe’s trip to London to promote Ottawa?

The English have the whole of Europe to discover but Sutcliffe and friends took on the Olympian task of convincing some of the most sophisticated people in the world to cross the big pond to visit Shawarma Town on The Rideau.

Some argue that Sutcliffe’s time could have been better spent getting people from Watertown, N.Y., to come to Ottawa but not our mayor. How could you keep the residents of the capital of the whole Commonwealth down on the farm when they’ve sampled Barrhaven?

But The Bulldog, always as a public service, investigates why Londoners would come to Ottawa.

We do this by way of a Top 10 List.


Top 10 Reasons Londoners Would Come To Ottawa After Mayor Mark Sutcliffe’s Trip To England:

10. Need a rest;

9. LRT derail-athon;

8. Solve the mystery of what’s a Gee-Gee?

7. Lansdowne Park concrete museum;

6. Meet former mayor at Walmart;

5. Sunset over LeBreton Flats;

4. Can’t miss frozen spit season in Market;

3. Monte Carlo? Rideau Carleton Raceway … Future Hard Rock;

2. Big honkin’ IKEA;

1. Ottawa: the Venice of Eastern Ontario.

Ken Gray


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4 Responses

  1. The Voter says:

    11. It’s only a short hop from Montreal and Toronto.

    12. You can see Parliament and the Changing of the Guard just like at home and you don’t need to go anywhere near Charles III.

  2. Michael Patton says:

    “The Venice of Eastern Ontario” THAT is a funny one. I am totally using that


  3. Ken Gray says:


    Hold on thar. Copyright. lol



  4. Kosmo says:

    Number 6… I thought he looked familiar.

    So many thing to do in Ottawa.

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