O-Train To Be Down For Two Weeks

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

O-Train Line 1 service will not operate between Tunney’s Pasture and Rideau stations from Monday, July 15 to Sunday, July 28 while OC Transpo and Rideau Transit Maintenance perform corrective maintenance work along that section of the line. Regular O-Train Line 1 service will resume on Monday, July 29, 2024.

O-Train Line 1 service will continue to operate in both directions between Blair and uOttawa stations.

For customers, this means that between July 15 and July 28:

R1 bus service will run between Tunney’s Pasture and Hurdman stations. Westbound service will be detoured between Bayview Station Road and Parkdale Avenue due to construction on Scott Street. R1 bus stops will not be affected by this detour.
E1 Shuttle Express bus service will run between Blair Station and downtown seven days a week during all Line 1 service hours.
Outreach staff will be located at key locations to provide support.
We understand that this work can be disruptive and appreciate your patience as we perform necessary maintenance. All light rail systems require regular maintenance work on a frequent basis. This work will contribute to the long-term sustainability and reliability of the O-Train Line 1 system.


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10 Responses

  1. C from Kanata says:

    The email I received from the city said it was ANNUAL corrective maintenance. I checked online and I couldn’t find any other transit authority that shuts down their trains during the day; they all shut down overnight. So now we are normalizing not being able to use our transit system for 2 weeks a year. Interestingly, this 2 week shutdown just happens to be the same time as the Quebec 2 week Construction holidays. One of my laws of life, there’s no such thing as coincidence. It will be interesting to see if there is actually meaningful work done or if this is for the Quebec holiday.

  2. Ron Benn says:

    Inquiring minds might want to receive a better understanding of what “corrective maintenance work” means. Does this mean re-aligning the tracks so that they are parallel? Does it mean replacing the sections of track that were deformed due to the ‘extreme heat’ of the last few weeks?

    Two things to consider.

    The first is that the section of track at issue does not include any of the eight tight curves that are contributing to the excessive wear on the axle hub bearings. All of those are east of Rideau station.

    Second, routine maintenance should not involve shutting down the system for two weeks. Routine maintenance is something that happens routinely. Routinely, as in during the overnight hours when the LRT is not running. Routinely, as in on one set of the twinned tracks, while the other set remains in use. Ergo, what is the nature of this maintenance work that qualifies it as ‘corrective’ rather than ‘routine’?

    Why would a councillor want a better understanding of the coded language used at city hall? Being in a position to make more fully informed decisions comes to mind. Oh, and that information should be made public, so that the residents of Ottawa are aware that its councillors are taking their responsibilities seriously.

  3. Ken Gray says:


    I called my source at OC Transpo, Deep Bus, this morning and this person said this is “scheduled” maintenance.

    The exact definition of ‘scheduled’ is perplexing. If you rip up all the tracks and demolish the stations, if you have a regular date for it, then it’s ‘scheduled’

    So this would be the usual broad language the city uses to waffle.

    And I share your concern about the two weeks. More trips on the R1 does not a sophisticated system make. It’s just one more obstacle to attracting passengers rather than losing them.




  4. Ron Benn says:

    Ken, in my dictionary ‘scheduled’ means that someone put it on a schedule, as contrasted with ‘oh oh, Ottawa we have a problem’ repairs, such as when the rain that falls out of the sky on a winter day freezes on the overhead lines.

  5. John Langstone says:

    Nice touch to have the LRT and Scott Street Westbound closed at the same time.

  6. Ken Gray says:


    And they wonder why people want to work at home.



  7. Bruce says:

    Imagine the COMPLETE CHAOS if the New York, Boston or Chicago systems had to be shut down for Two Weeks.
    Ottawa as a (Jim Watson) world class city has but one thing on these metropolis; Ottawa has a system which still DOES NOT WORK and politicians and an AG who are willing to keep on with the cover up

  8. Ken Gray says:


    It makes you wonder if the system is run for the City of Ottawa or residents.



  9. Kosmo says:


    it looks like it’s running at all… on O-Train Line 1 anyway!!!

  10. Diane Zarnke says:

    Scrape the whole mess…put it out of its misery
    Expensive, useless, unsafe, never running, can’t tolerate weather

    Go back and garnishee all city money from former city employees who brought us this disaster, …..till we recoup all tax money from this disaster.

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