Ottawa Citizen Chooses The Bulldog To Advertise .h


Well now, lookie here.

What’s the best choice for Ottawa advertisers to reach the reading public of Canada’s capital city?

Why, The Bulldog of course.

And how do we know this is true? Glad you asked.

The Ottawa Citizen, which considers The Bulldog its prime competition (according to a senior editor at the opposing publication), chose our humble pooch to advertise.

Yes, the main ad spot this morning above the banner in The Bulldog was occupied by none other than the venerable Ottawa Citizen, my old employer. God bless ’em. Thank you for the support.

Actually, it’s doubtful the Citizen made the conscious choice of advertising in The Bulldog, as smart a decision as that might be. The ad above the banner is from Google Ads which, through its complicated algorithms and a big pocket calculator, chooses the best place to advertise for particular clients.

And what does the extremely sophisticated conjuring by Google Ads say? The best spot for a Citizen ad is in The Bulldog. What a heart-warming endorsement and a wise decision.

So promote yourself and read the publication the Citizen chooses … The Bulldog.

Ya can’t make this up.

Ken Gray

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