Problem Property Rule Rife For Abuse

Well, a problematic property page. No word if the offenders must wear a scarlet letter on their tunics.

The biggest problematic property in Ottawa is located at 110 Laurier Avenue West where all manner of incompetence and sloth are occurring.

To reference the Ottawa City Hall incompetence and sloth, click here. Doubtful any other property has caused $6.4 billion of wasted money except perhaps 111 Wellington Street. Even the feds would be hard-pressed to match the clown show at city hall.

And now the problematic property page is part of the problem.

The PPP is rife with possibilities for abuse. People harassing a particular property (and count on it, it happens) can pile up accusations by the boat load and get the victim on the PPP page. Busy bodies will start looking for offences. That spot appears to be for public shaming. Or bylaw simply can’t do its job because the complaint(s) frustrate bylaw officers so on they go on the PPP page. Yes, city employees have been known to abuse their powers. We have police officers committing pretty gruesome crimes. We have bylaw officers running around ticketing evil basketball hoops bordering city streets.

Where are the checks and balances on the PPP? If you think the PPP can’t be abused, you haven’t been reading the news or hanging around 110 Laurier Avenue.

And when does Ottawa City Hall start to attach fines to this ominous and useless endeavour? Imagine that. Money.

Oh our public servants love our money. The Vacant Unit Tax has proven to be just more bureaucracy and an invasion of privacy for people doing nothing but living their lives. And who knows what kind of fine you get if you don’t fill out the proper form. Ah bureaucrats and their forms. Of course the VUT doesn’t create more homes. It just creates more city revenue. It’s fine because bureaucrats can.

The simple fact of the matter is that if someone, genuinely, makes the PPP that person no doubt doesn’t give a sweet flying pattoo about shaming.

Their shame is already for all to see on their property.

This is another useless exercise for people with too much time on their hands that will accomplish nothing but create the need for more bureaucrats.

Stop this stupid exercise.

Ken Gray


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5 Responses

  1. John Langstone says:

    A short excerpt from my councilor’s weekly mail out;

    “City Staff are aware that there are some issues with the zoning map that is published on the website. This is an issue with the algorithm used for the map, and it does not accurately reflect the zoning of all lots.”

    An issue with the algorithm doing the zoning indeed.

    My understanding is that the section in planning doing the new zoning may not be fully staffed. So important documents come out that don’t properly reflect new zoning which will dramatically change neighbourhood character in Ottawa.

    Begs the question if this is a first attempt at zoning by AI redefining what Ottawa neighbourhoods are. Beta testing indeed.

  2. Anderson Davies says:

    It could be also profiling and as I have been told profiling is wrong by a certain political persuasion. Shame on the City!

  3. Bruce says:

    The vacant property tax grab is also another way to generate new jobs in Ottawa. Imagine if all of the bylaw offenders had to wear electronic ankle bracelets? The manufacture and installation (and perhaps at some time removal) would create an industry in itself. Much like added taxes create jobs!

  4. Been There says:

    On the same day news of the PPP breaks the Ottawa Citizen publishes an article featuring a Rockcliffe Park resident that has being tracking PP in the prestigious neighbourhood and getting no response from the usual city channels.
    I’m sure it is simply a coincidence and not city hall bending to political pressure allowing the creation of the web page without council debate,

  5. The Voter says:

    Been There,

    Aah! But the guy in Rockcliffe has been complaining about embassies or ambassadors’ residences, not private homes! Because of diplomatic niceties, the City has to send anything to do with property owned by foreign countries to Global Affairs and they approach the embassy with the complaint.

    As I understand it, neither the City or Global Affairs has any way of enforcing Canadian laws on diplomats or the properties they occupy. Most countries do voluntarily comply because they want Canadian diplomats to do the same in their countries but there are those who do not. This may be because they are poor countries and can’t afford it or they may be involved in other disputes with Canada and this gets swept up in other issues. Whatever the reason, we are left to depend on their largesse if there are problems whether it’s parking tickets or property upkeep.

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