QED: Transportation Matters In Ottawa

So who is adding balance to this discussion?


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Anybody invite General Motors?

This is a bunch of people getting together to drink their own bath water.

So here’s a thought. Perhaps they could hold a party in a park.

Good intentions are sometimes faulty.

The city has crushed transit. That late transit construction is slowing traffic. Broken or discontinued transit is cramming roads and who would bet their job on getting to work on time on the LRT?

And now you’re closing a road. Let’s deal with problems, not cause more.

Transportation is a factor of production. It matters. Life isn’t always a party and we have lots of places to hold a party. Business matters or how do you raise tax money? And traffic jams and broken transit systems create greenhouse gases.

This is about ideology and a political agenda, not what’s best.

Try to think this through.

Maybe they could hold this in the National Capital Commission U.S. Justice Department-challenged event centre in the old market Chapters building?

Ken Gray



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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Zenner says:

    If the QED is only for people, it is high time that all of those driverless cars are banned.

  2. John Langstone says:

    Is this the same bunch who wanted to flood the QED for skating during the Winter, leaving just the bike path for the poor cyclists? Hard to keep up on their efforts to constrain vehicle use, but you have to give them full marks for effort.

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