R1 Service To Run Again Due To LRT Woes

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The purpose of this memo is to provide the Mayor and Members of Council with a further update on  the detailed inspections and remedial work above the rail platforms of St-Laurent Station. 

Since our last update on May 20, crews have made progress on the remedial work on the concrete  and completed the removal and reinforcement of the suspended ceiling infrastructure. The remedial  work on the concrete roof slab adjacent to the Overhead Catenary System requires additional time to  complete. In order to expedite this work and support our goal of reopening service on Wednesday,  Line 1 service will be temporarily suspended between Blair and Hurdman stations from 10 pm until the  end of service tonight. We will provide an update early tomorrow morning indicating the plan for service  and status of the station. For customers this means that after 10 pm today: 

  • Train service will run in both directions from Tunney’s Pasture to Hurdman stations.  R1 service will operate between Blair and Hurdman stations.  

Crews will continue to work in the station today to support the remaining remedial work, and final  inspections to confirm that any hazards associated with the concrete roof slab and the suspended  ceiling have been fully mitigated. The final inspection may require some further remedial work to be  completed. The cleaning of the station will also begin today to support the reopening of the station. 

Outside of the temporary proactive implementation of R1 service, rail service is running on a normal  schedule, with trains running from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Station and skipping St-Laurent Station.  The bus shuttles are operating between St-Laurent and Cyrville Stations. 

Given the state of the suspended ceiling infrastructure in St-Laurent Station, out of an abundance of  caution, OC Transpo has asked RTM to conduct proactive inspections of the suspended infrastructure  at Parliament, Rideau and Lyon Stations. More details on the timing and impact of those inspections  will be announced once plans are finalised. 

In the interests of transparency, we have expanded Wednesday’s media availability to provide a  situational update to members of Council and an opportunity for Councillors as well as the media to  ask questions about this issue in an open forum. A formal invitation will be sent to Councillors later  today. 

We will continue to inform OC Transpo customers of service impacts through all our regular  channels, including our social media platforms and octranspo.com.  

Thank you, 

Original signed by,

Renée Amilcar and Tammy Rose 


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