Resign, Jeff Leiper, Resign Now: WHOPPER WATCH .12.26


“According to Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper, there remain off-ramps from the (Tewin) deal if councillors choose to take them.”

Leiper as translated by the Ottawa Citizen


What a load of horse piddle.

This is what we heard all through the Lansdowne issue that there were off-ramps all along the way. It’s just that councillors didn’t take those off-ramps but kept saying that there were still more off-ramps in the future. At least until it was approved.

The only off-ramp Ottawa City Council took on Lansdowne was to the Debtville Bank.

This is Leiper just skating and bobbing and weaving. Since he has been councillor and planning committee chairman, his ward has been destroyed by mega-tower high-rises under the false guise that these monstrosities were an attempt at climate mitigation and intensification. No extremification. Leiper has been a councillor throughout the administrative fiasco that is light rail.

Kitchissippi’s built form has been destroyed under the tutelage of the person who is the chairman of the most offending committee.

Furtheremore, where was Leiper on the odiferous Tewin memorandum of understanding? If someone asked, would he say he didn’t know? He’s the chairman of the planning committee so it is his responsibility to know if untoward acts have occurred at Tewin. It’s his job to know and protect the interests of the people of Ottawa.

Leiper didn’t do that. His best excuse is he didn’t know which is not an excuse. Worse would be if he did know and didn’t do anything about it.

Noversight, Jeff Leiper.


Ken Gray

4 Responses

  1. Jake Morrison says:

    Ken, it is simply not true that the MOUs were hidden. The detailed intent to create them is in the official plan, passed in October 2021

  2. Doug says:

    Councillor Brown also used the nebulous phrase that there was an “off-ramp” regarding Lansdown 2.0. It seems that “off-ramp” is the phrase of choice when councillors can’t really defend the indefensible.

  3. Ken Gray says:


    I’m well aware of that. I put the part of the official plan where the MOUs were discussed in The Bulldog … If you were reading.

    They were in annex 12 and yes they were buried in a huge document. I don’t know how you could say otherwise.



  4. Liz says:

    Buried. And unlike previous plans no free copies were given out. I recall a very few printed plans were available at the library. Maybe 12? And it cost hundreds to have them printed. Similar to current draft city map for new Zoning proposals and the new zoning by law! $$$$$ to have it printed and full of errors.

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