So Whose Phone Was Stolen, OPS? THE VOTER

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I’d love to hear who this person was whose cellphone was so grievously removed.

This is totally out of proportion with normal police behaviour. When a person can be in such danger that they are driven from their home but that doesn’t interest the police, it’s hard to believe that a cellphone theft can get their attention. The question of setting priorities and triaging requests for service seems to have escaped the officers that attended for the cellphone theft and it also appears to have been missed by whoever released to the media that request for help from the public.

I wonder if they’ve considered that every person who has their phone taken is now going to expect the same level of service from the police. People who call in to report a break-in are not going to accept it when they are told all the police will do is issue a number for a police report which you are then told to give to your insurance company.

And the police chief thinks he’s short-staffed now? Just wait for it.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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3 Responses

  1. Ken Gray says:

    The Voter:

    It would be interesting to know how car-theft victims are feeling about this thorough investigation of the abduction of a cellphone.



  2. Anderson Davies says:

    Did you ever think that it could be a secure cellphone belonging to someone from CSIS or a phone with security implications? I don’t have much use for law enforcement since the convoy but unless you know who the phone belonged to… do you?

  3. Ken Gray says:


    You can shut down access to many things in a heartbeat.

    Lose your phone? See how quickly the bank will disable access to the mobile app and the laptop.



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