Sutcliffe’s British Invasion: TOP 10 LIST

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How will we know when Mayor Mark Sutcliffe’s tourist foray into London was a success?

Why when Ottawa is stuffed with blokes talkin’ funny.

And how will we know that? We give you the clues by way of a Top 10 List:


Top 10 Signs the Nation’s Capital Is Full Of Brit Tourists:

10. Ottawa gets duller;

9. Ridiculous demand for boiled potatoes, over-cooked roast beef;

8. Next scandal? Kipper-gate;

7. Snow plows named Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Posh;

6. “Not another bloody shawarma, Basil;”

5. Cricket-palooza;

4. Lord Hubley of Bridlewood;

3. Hugh Grant runs for mayor;

2. Bytowne Mr. Bean fest;

1.  Corgis.

Ken Gray


Love Actually - Hugh Grant dancing

Hugh Grant’s campaign video for Ottawa mayor.


It’s Nobody’s Fault At City Hall: THE VOTER

City Leads From Behind: Benn

City Careers In Jeopardy Over Current LRT Fiasco

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2 Responses

  1. Damon Scholes says:

    I think many of your stereotypes are about 50 years out of date and if you made these stereotypes about many other countries you would be in a lot of hot water. I’m assuming that your post was meant to be humour but honestly it is Hee Haw level of humour.

    London versus Ottawa. No comparison in terms of worldlines.

  2. Ken Gray says:

    Mr. Scholes:

    I’m not sure this was meant to be taken entirely seriously.



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