Tell Public About LRT Claims, Chianello Says

Former Citizen and CBC reporter Joanne Chianello condemns the secrecy surrounding Stage 2 light-rail settlements.

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  1. Annette Goldenberg says:

    Here I go again LRT!! Isn’t everyone sick and tired of hearing about all this again?? You do know Ottawa is now the laughing stock of the other cities that have one form of transportation and almost all of the time there is hardly any problems with what ever they have. Ottawa?? the Capital of Canada is actually a disgrace. If it’s not one thing it’s something else, and then the questions are “how to we pay for it” “where will the money come from?” Also calling “Stage 1” and “stage 2” does anyone have any idea what that sounds like? It sounds like someone with Stage 2 of Cancer. This whole thing is so ridiculous. When will all this garbage stop. Let whoever is in charge of all this worry about it and everyone else just wash your hands from it. There are more important things to worry about besides all this. I’m sure we will start hearing about the garbage changes and then we will hear about how much it will cost. See again everyone has to complain about this also. I have no idea about this money thing. I have enough problems worrying about my pension and if I have enough money to live on every month. Is there no person in this wonderful world of this strange city that is an chartered accountant. Maybe all this should be taken care of by the accountant and let him figure out if the city has money for this horrible LRT, and if there isn’t well don’t make all this public to the whole world because no normal person will help pay for this mess. It should be the accountant that knows this not for the world. There I’ve had my “wonderful” say again. And oh by the way, I’m not some nut case, I’m a 84 year old widow who is just sick and tired of all this and have to vent.

  2. Ron Benn says:

    Annette, your faith in the financial brilliance of those of us who hold a Chartered Accountant’s designation, while appreciated is misplaced.

    Give five competent CAs one set of data (raw numbers), and they will give you ten analyses that are very different, with each one being entirely supportable. Why? Because the ‘answer’ depends on the objective.

    In this case, the city wants to get the LRT completed and running (the objective). Therefore the city’s financial analysts are processing the data (raw numbers) to show how settling the claims (multiple) on the LRT lines (multiple) is the best way forward.

    Finally, I love your comparison of the nomenclature the city chose to refer to the construction phases of the LRT to how the medical profession refers to how far cancer has progressed. It is oh so appropriate in the circumstances.

  3. John Langstone says:

    It would be refreshing to see some serious construction activity to finish the brutally behind schedule work. It appears that even our transit committee doesn’t have commitment dates for this. Totally out of control.

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