Tewin Hire Delegated To Conduct City Oversight

Avid Bulldog reader and now contributor Andrew has found a clause in the Tewin agreement in which the City of Ottawa delegates its oversight authority to the consortium developing the controversial project.

That’s an abrogation of a fundamental foundation of democracy in the memorandum of understanding which bears the signatures of city manager Wendy Stephanson and former city solicitor David White.

Here’s Andrew:

This is insane from the “agreement”:

“In the event that certain components of the transportation studies’ work plan require outside consultants with specialized expertise not covered by the Senior FTE position funded by the Tewin Landowners, the Tewin Landowners will fund an appropriate consultant, acting on behalf of the City, to undertake these specific analyses in order to expedite the City’s technical review process. The terms of reference for such an assignment will be developed collaboratively by the City and the Tewin Landowners and the consultant’s contract will be subject to the approval of the Tewin Landowners.”

This means Tewin can hire a consultant who is delegated to plan, on BEHALF of the city.

As a taxpayer, this is infuriating it got through a legal review. It must be rescinded.

How Stephanson can continue to be city manager after this is impossible.

Premier Doug Ford, where are you?

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  1. John Langstone says:

    Words fail me. But it makes me wonder if there isn’t another agreement like this buried with developers in the archives. What indeed might be buried in the City – OSEG agreement? Was the Official Plan and the new zoning by-law perhaps delegated? Whose interests are being served with Lansdowne 2.1 and the zoning by-law?

  2. John Langstone says:

    Another point here is that my understanding of Bill 109 is that site plan control is delegated to staff. No statutory meeting is required, the councilor cannot lift the delegated authority and the councilor’s concurrence is not required. And the community and public cannot appeal the decision. So for Tewin, have we effectively delegated site plan control to the developer? Have we effectively delegated all public oversight?

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