The Bulldog Sets New Readership Record

For the month of April, The Bulldog garnered 142,275 page views a week.

That tops the previous record of 131,726.

Why? Well it’s always difficult to tell exactly. However, The Bulldog experienced a large increase in readership after installing a program that speeds page-loading in the Chrome browser, which the vast majority of Bulldog readers use. Bulldog World Headquarters recommends using Chrome because that’s the program The Bulldog is created on. Anyway the readership jump leads one to believe that some pages had been loading slowly on the website.

The home Bulldog page now loads in 1.3 seconds. That matters because studies show that if viewers must wait more than three seconds for a page to load, they are likely to go elsewhere.

Other reasons? Again hard to tell, but The Bulldog’s new app has been very popular and is now available, not only on Android, but iPhones as well.

Furthermore, it has been a pretty good news month and the weather has been lousy keeping people indoors and close to their computers. Accordingly, The Bulldog recommends that you never go outdoors.

So thank you as always to The Bulldog’s great contributors, The Bulldog Commenting All-Stars and you, the readers.

The Bulldog is nothing without you readers and hopefully the website is contributing to bridging the gap in local coverage as traditional news sources lose resources, readers and revenue.

Here’s to a good May.

Thank you.

Ken Gray


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6 Responses

  1. Bob Gauvreau says:

    Ken et al,
    Congratulations……… it is so deserving and so rewarding for your dedication and commitment to what you believe in. I for one look forward to reading every issue every day.
    Merci mon ami!

  2. Been There says:

    Congratulations Ken!

  3. Ken Gray says:

    Thank you Bob that’s very nice



  4. Ken Gray says:

    Thank you Been. cheers k

  5. The Voter says:

    My question is what are all those other people doing with themselves that they aren’t reading The Bulldog?? They say not all who wander are lost but I think I can make a case for those folks.

  6. Ken Gray says:

    Damn straight, Voter … cheers k

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