The Surprise That Is Doug Ford: PATTON



Who thought Ottawa would get this much attention from Ontario Premier Doug Ford:

No Minister from Ottawa has not meant less Attention

Mike Patton is the former communications director for Mayor Larry O’Brien and a Conservative activist.


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  1. Ron Benn says:

    Mike, two years ago, the PCs won two of ten seats in the greater Ottawa area. The other eight being split between the Liberals and the NDP. But that was two years ago, and it was time to get to work on governing (or what passes for governing) the province.

    The premier’s attention is now turning to an election that is about two years out. There are those two ridings to protect, noting that the MPP (Ghamari) for Kanata-Carleton was recently expelled from caucus and the MPP (Macleod) for Nepean riding, who has been all but invisible. Then there are those eight other seats to chase. Perhaps the PCs aspire to getting half of the ten seats. In any event, the Ontario PCs need to appear to be paying attention to Ottawa if they wish to retain or gain seats in the next provincial election.

    Add in to the mix the gong show that is Laurier Avenue. The continued inability to produce a balanced budget (operating reserve leger du main can only go on for so long). The continued inability to find a long term solution to the $6 billion and rising LRT. The continued flouting of provincial regulations regarding the use of Heritage Status, which the provincial government considers to be an impediment to addressing the housing shortage. The continued ‘fill in the blank example of incompetence’ and, well you get my drift.

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