There’s A Second East-End MOU: STANKOVIC



There is also another and perhaps more critical memorandum of understanding that likely was not seen by Ottawa City Council.

According to the Official Plan approved in Nov. 2021, the city was to enter into a financial MOU with Tewin which would identify “the funding mechanisms that will be utilized by the benefitting landowners who will pay for those services [required to support this urban growth area] with no financial burden to the City or the City taxpayers.”

The subsequent funding mechanisms identified in the MOU for capital projects would have probably shown up in the Master Infrastructure Plan tabled at the joint committee on June 20. Interestingly, the MIP includes an additional $168 million in capital cost for water and wastewater infrastructure beyond the requirements to service only the Tewin development to accommodate the anticipated additional growth “beyond the 2046 Tewin boundary”.

According to the MIP, this additional urban expansion will likely occur west of Tewin towards the community of Leitrim. The $168 million for the oversized services will presumably be financed by adding to the City’s debt with interest rates paid until at least after 2046. This $168 million will not be included in the development charges formula for the Tewin development. Interestingly, Taggart and the Algonquins of Ontario own most of the lands west of Tewin, according to a 2021 CBC news article.

Dan Stankovic is an Ottawa consultant and former municipal public servant in economic development and housing.

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