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OC Transpo should share how they calculate those “expected ridership” figures. What are they based on?

I’d also like to see a chart going back to 2017 that illustrates on a monthly basis the anticipated ridership, the actual ridership and the number of days the service was fully operational. Since that would include a period that is pre-pandemic as well as pre-LRT, it would help us to understand the effects of both these factors.

The report should also show the same figures from other transit systems, especially those with a train-plus-bus setup. Are other systems recovering their passenger base post-pandemic? Are they meeting their current ridership projections?

When your numbers are as far out as OC Transpo’s, we need a full explanation. Did it put forth the rosiest picture it could create to ensure their continued funding without considering that it would be expected to actually meet those targets. Based on its history,

At what point does the city begin to seriously review the job security of the senior management team members at OC Transpo? They are not delivering the product that they were hired to produce and they should be held to account for that. You can add their salaries to the cost of the fiasco that is OC Transpo since it’s essentially a non-productive expense.

No manager in the private sector would still have their job if they had presided over such a mess.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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2 Responses

  1. Ken Gray says:

    The Voter:

    I’m surprised people haven’t been calling for a change in Transpo management before this.



  2. Diane Zarnke says:

    The LRT is a disaster, not needed, nothing but a waste of taxpayers’ money
    We went through this nonsense with another brilliant failure……. PLASCO , some years ago
    Now federal workers are no longer going to work downtown, the city center is becoming deserted except for the homeless , drug addicts and chauffeured polititians.

    Those involved in bringing this overpriced, not needed, broken, lemon to Ottawa should be cut off all city money (taxpayers’ money) is recouped…WAGES, PAY, BUYOUTS, PENSIONS, BENEFITS…,starting with Watson.

    Elected officials continuously make poorly researched choices, show favouritism, and then when the idea blows up……they skip off well rewarded, and taxpayers are left with the debt and mess.
    This must stop!

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