Trudeau Smacked By All Age Groups: POLL

This is a poll from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute

As the federal government looks to address “generation fairness” in its most recent budget, new data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds most Canadians doubting it’s working for any generation at all.

Seven-in-10 Canadians of all generations say they don’t believe the federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working in the best interest of their age group. Vast majorities of Gen Z adults (18- to 24-year-olds) and Millennials (25- to 44-year-olds) also express doubt the Liberals have their best interest at heart, despite a volley of measures in the recent budget aimed at some of their top issues.

Canadians’ top issues vary by generation but have been consistent for several years, with health care and affordability rating as high concerns since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the latter, there has been some abatement. Half (51%) of Canadians believe cost of living to be a top issue, an 11-point drop from last year.

Both health care and affordability have been policy foci for the federal government in recent years. Still, when it comes to both issues, Canadians are more likely to say someone other than Trudeau is best to lead.

On health care, 28 per cent of Canadians say Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is the best choice. Trudeau (14%) finishes behind NDP leader Jagmeet Singh (22%) and none of the above (22%) and is tied with “not sure” (14%). On housing affordability, Poilievre again leads (31%) and Trudeau (13%) trails “none of them” (24%), and Singh (19%) and ties “not sure” (13%). The Conservative leader also outpaces Singh and Trudeau combined when it comes to issues of the economy and handling the deficit.

Gen Z adults are more likely to say Poilievre (25%), Singh (23%) and none of them (21%) are the best choice for prime minister than Trudeau (10%), while Millennials believe Poilievre is the best choice at a plurality level.

More Key Findings:

  • Twice as many Canadians (28%) select the deficit/government spending as a top issue as a year ago (14%).
  • Two-in-five (43%) Canadians believe Poilievre is best to handle the deficit, outpacing Trudeau (13%) and Singh (8%) combined by a two-to-one ratio.
  • When it comes to who is best to lead on various issues, Trudeau performs best on Indigenous issues and the environment. In both cases, one-in-five Canadians believe he is the best choice, and similar numbers choose Poilievre and Singh.

Link to the poll here:


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2 Responses

  1. sisco farraro says:

    Well, Justin, I guess the budget never did balance itself.

  2. Annette Goldenberg says:

    You do know that no what you have to say about PM Trudeau, he will win. He is not a con artist nor a liar. There is something not right with Mr. P.P. just the stupid look on his face tells it all. When it comes down to facts Trudeau is 100% better. Oh by the way you can write all the negatives about PM Trudeau I still will vote for him and do what I can to ensure he wins.

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