When Does OC Transpo’s Luck Run Out? THE VOTER


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Another amazing example of the incredible luck OC Transpo has had operating the LRT through all of its catastrophes.

Concrete chunks falling on the tracks and not hitting a train or landing on the platform and hitting a customer – what are the chances? A 40-ish-year-old structure that was overhauled/re-designed in the last 10 years but can be expected, according to the people operating it, to come unglued like this from time to time and shed bits and pieces onto whatever happens to be under it at that moment. Sounds like an ideal place to travel through on a train or stand on the platform of for a while waiting for a train to arrive.

Trains that have derailed with few passengers aboard; ice build-ups on the catenary wires that haven’t resulted in injury or loss of life; as well as the other minor and major mishaps since the “service” started operating plus the floods in the tunnels and cave-ins as it was being built are the things we know about where serious consequences have somehow not come to pass. At the Rideau Street cave-in, a No. 2 bus had, only seconds before, crossed the area that collapsed. The van that tumbled into the hole was luckily empty.

O-Train Is Running Again

O-Train Partly Closed Due To Concrete Tunnel Debris

Somebody better tell the good people over at the transit company that all good things come to an end and nobody’s luck lasts forever.

The Voter is a respected community activist and long-time Bulldog commenter who prefers to keep her identity private.


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