Harper Tories Don’t See Danger

The Toronto Star’s Chantal Hebert senses that Canadians are getting into the mood for change at the federal level:

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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First

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YOUR COMMENTS: Ottawa’s Sound And The Fury

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Shopping Malls Are Alive And Well

The current trendy thinking is that shopping malls are dying.

In fact, the shopping mall continues to be a successful way to do business.

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Poilievre: Just Say You’re Sorry

Pierre Poilievre in what he calls a non-campaign style publicly funded video. You be the judge.

That Pierre Poilievre is a kidder eh?

How can the federal employment minister (and this guy knows how to get a job for life with benefits … employment indeed) say this excruciatingly boring video paid for by public funds is not a campaign vehicle.

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“The bottom line is that taxpayers should not be forced to pay for partisan advertising masquerading as information-based government advertising.”

– Aaron Wudrick, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation director on Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre’s campaign-style video paid for by tax money.


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The Political Change Thing



So the polling site ThreeHundredEight.com has the federal Tories up by a couple of points over the Grits and the NDP about six points behind the other two.

What does this mean? Not much on the surface of it.

But think for a second.

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Watson’s Canada 2017 Fete: Top 10 List



TOP 10 LISTThe City of Ottawa’s Canada 2017 celebration is being pushed harder by Mayor Jim Watson than a hawker at a medicine show.

Why this celebration comes just before the municipal election of 2018 and … well … you can piece this altogether from there.

So here they are: the Top 10 City of Ottawa events planned for 2017:

10. Canada 2017 Happy Tweet Seminar;

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CUPE 503’s Increase Almost Twice CPI

We’ve said this before on The Bulldog but given the recent decision of the arbitrator on CUPE 503’s wages, it is worth repeating.

The arbitrator awarded CUPE 503’s people almost two per cent over two years which is almost twice the level of the Canadian consumer price index.

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Watson Credible On Weed Joint

Mayor Jim Watson says he didn’t interfere in charging the BuzzOn weed-smoking establishment a $3,000 fine and having the doors closed on the place.

Your agent believes him.

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Goodbye David Letterman (Video)

Letterman in 1982

Letterman in 1982

The last few weeks have been a period of endings.

Mad Men, a show I found fascinating, has concluded and it’s hard to believe that all those characters who we grew to know in such an intimate way will no longer be with us.

So too is Downton Abbey, the Edwardian soap opera and a guilty pleasure, with but one short season left. That said, I won’t miss Lady Edith.

But the saddest ending, by far, is that of late night host David Letterman.

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“This is the people’s place. The politicians are just temporary tenants.”

– The Citizen’s Matthew Pearson quoting Mayor Jim Watson


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Firefighters Have Soft Touch: Wente

After David Letterman’s tribute in a Bulldog post to New York firefighters after 9/11, the Globe’s Margaret Wente has a different take on the issue.

Wente says firefighters are underworked and overpaid:

It’s good to be a firefighter, especially if you live in a small town. You’re one of the best-paid guys around. You get lots and lots of time off to go fishing or hunting or run your own business on the side. And your union always gets its way.

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Canada Day Fete Needs Volunteers

This is a release from Canadian Heritage:

Gatineau, Quebec – Department of Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage is looking for dynamic people looking to help out during the festivities organized on July 1 at the three official sites in Canada’s Capital Region: Parliament Hill and Major’s Hill Park in Ottawa, and Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau.

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Arbitrator Awards Almost Two Per Cent To CUPE 503

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Mayor and Members of Council:

I am writing to advise that the City has received the award of the Interest Arbitration Panel in respect of the collective agreement between the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa-Carleton Public Employees’ Union, C.U.P.E. Local 503, Inside/Outside bargaining unit (CUPE 503 I/O), which was released earlier this afternoon. The CUPE 503 I/O bargaining unit is the City’s largest and comprises approximately 6,300 members in almost all City departments.

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