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Mayoral Choice To Be Released

election endorsementBy this time of the morning, Bulldog readers, god bless you all, would have usually sat down, pulled out their tablets, had a coffee, a



piece of grapefruit, a bowl of corn flakes and read the commandments of the aforementioned canine.

However most of you, one hopes, will have noticed that there is nothing new on The Bulldog this morning. There are two reasons for this.

First, The Bulldog had a very successful, though entirely too invasive, procedure performed on him by some wonderful people who did it without a twinge of pain.

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FULL LOCAL: Latest Ottawa News

fulllocalFull Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

Full Local‘s content changes minute-by-minute. When there’s something happening in Ottawa, you’ll get it first in Full Local.

So if you are busy, rather than wade through the local media, get 10 lead stories from a number of sources across the city. Read what a number of news people think are the best stories of the day rather than just one media outlet. Be informed fast.

Full Local is below:

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FULL CANADIAN: Breaking National News

fullcanadianRead Full Canadian for the latest, breaking national news from the best sources in the country.

Full Canadian runs in real time so you get news as it happens.

This is the finest way to very quickly stay informed of the complete Canadian news picture in a few minutes. You’ll save time and get top quality information with Full Canadian.

Get the best Canadian news in one place. Read Full Canadian and be informed with the best information without wasting your time.

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cityvoteHere is a compendium of Bulldog stories covering the Ottawa municipal election on Oct. 27.

It’s Ottawa’s most comprehensive coverage of the upcoming municipal election.

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Johnston-McKitterick Is The Bulldog’s Choice

election endorsementOsgoode ward is blessed by a great number of solid candidates.



They are running to replace the irreplaceable Doug Thompson who is retiring.

It’s too bad some of these people didn’t move and run in urban wards where the choice is limited.

So let’s get at it.

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Get Your Skis Shined Up

Gatineau Park doesn’t close in the winter, it just changes seasons.

Here’s what’s in store in that wilderness beside the city.

This is a release by the National Capital Commission:

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uOttawa Goes To China

This is a release from the University of Ottawa:

The University of Ottawa has created a joint medical program with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

The new Ottawa-Shanghai Joint Program of Medicine, offered in Shanghai, will bring the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine’s four-year medical education (MD) program to China. It’s the first time a school of medicine in China has adopted a North American medical education program. It’s also the first Sino-Canadian joint medical program.

Classes will start next fall for 30 Chinese students, who will participate in an introductory program. The four-year-MD program will start in 2016.

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BULLDOG PEOPLE: All The Stars Come Out

bulldog peopleWhat are all the beautiful people doing?

You know … the showbiz types, the people that the public just can’t get enough of.

Here’s a chance to find out. Bulldog People brings you the best in celebrity news from the best sources in the world.

When all the stars come out, you can read about it first in Bulldog People.

Get your star fix right here:

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POLITICS AND GOSSIP: The Latest On Everything

politicsandgossipRead the cutting-edge information on politics, trends, gossip and most everything else on Politics and Gossip.

It’s the No. 1 way to remain current on insider political knowledge, journalism, trends and the latest gossip.

Come back again and again.

Politics and Gossip is updated in real time. You can’t afford not to be here.

To read Politics and Gossip, just click on the headline above or “Continue Reading:”

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POLITICS JAM: Latest And Best Canadian Opinion

politicsjamPolitics Jam on Bulldog Canadian brings together the best Canadian columnists and opinion-makers all in one place and in real time.

There’s faster way of keeping informed quickly and in real time of the finest in Canadian opinion. The Bulldog brings you Politics Jam that keeps you on the cusp of what Canadians, from across the country, are thinking. Yes all of Canada, not just a few publications in the nation’s power centres.

Come back again and again.

Politics Jam changes with new articles minute-by-minute. Politics Jam is below:

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GREAT BIG CITY: Best In Urban, Planning, Design News

greatbigcityLove cities?

Can’t get enough of them?

Well if you are reading The Bulldog, we have a major focus on cities and that carries on in Great Big City.

Great Big City features the latest, cutting-edge information in real-time on urbanism, planning, ecology and design from the finest publications around the world … all in one place.

You can’t be on the cusp of planning, transportation and the environment without reading Great Big City.

And the best part is it’s always new, with original material changing minute-by-minute. Great Big City begins below:

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You’re Wrong, Bulldog: Campaign Chief



Below is an email sent to The Bulldog by Tobi Nussbaum’s campaign manager James Anderson in Rideau-Rockcliffe ward.

Of course, Anderson’s job is to defend Nussbaum, a role he does very well.

But he should note on his website that I drew conclusions from Nussbaum’s platform. With as many candidates as are running in the Oct. 27 election, with respect, I cannot read every press release the Nussbaum campaign publishes. I would never get these endorsements finished.

So my advice, if you are still listening, is that if you have important policy releases, you should put them in your candidate’s platform, not buried among press releases with headlines that don’t relate to the main issue using about tiny six-point type for the aforementioned irrelevant headlines.

You’re an editor. You should know that.

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We’ll Miss You Katie Hobbs



Oh that Katie Hobbs. She’s got one slick website.

Found this on the re-election website of Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs.

Why does she need to say what her “sole motivation” is?

“I ran for councillor to help people in my community. It is my sole motivation.”

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The Hidden Municipal Party Agenda

This is a comment from avid Bulldog reader Ron Benn looking at the role party workers play in the municipal election:

As we contemplate the question of why some candidates attract more funding than others, consider the role of the individuals who are actively involved in federal and provincial riding associations, during municipal election campaigns.

Whether they wish to acknowledge it or not, most of the high profile and successful candidates are members of political parties.

For example, Mark Taylor was part of Jim Watson’s staff when Jim Watson was the MPP for Ottawa West Nepean. Alex Cullen is very well connected with the NDP.

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Blackburn Hamlet Must Boil Water

This is a release from the City of Ottawa. It would be nice to know in the release what the cause of the contamination is, particularly because the city has a record of being very proud of its water service:

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has issued a Boil Water Advisory for approximately 200 water users in BlackburnHamlet. The advisory is in effect until further notice.

The advisory is in effect for all the addresses on the following streets:

  • Glen Park Drive
  • Birchtree Park
  • Compata Way
  • Fairglen Mews

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Cowan’s The Choice In Alta Vista

election endorsementAlta Vista is the ward of outgoing planning committee chairman Peter Hume.



Under his reign on that committee, Hume and his colleagues turned solid zoning into a suggestion and the number of storeys that would be constructed on a new building became a matter of barter rather than sound policy.

On planning committee many of its members were taking campaign donations from the very people on whom they would be making decisions on their developments. It’s a situation that would not be tolerated at any other level of government except in Ontario’s municipalities. The one exception is Toronto (under separate legislation) which banned developer and union donations and appears to have survived.

Hume during his last term took the brave stand of not wanting to ban the aforementioned campaign donations as did Mayor Jim Watson. Hume has endorsed Jean Cloutier who recently stumbled over a controversy in which development industry types hosted a fund-raising gathering for him.

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Killer Williams Protects His Pension



Serial killer Russell Williams is seeking to protect his $60,000 military pension despite having obtained a lifetime of room-and-board in a solitary cell in Quebec.

This pathetic action is aimed at not allowing a victim an assault by Williams to obtain compensation.

Russell Williams’s military pension is believed to be worth roughly $60,000 a year, which means the killer ex-colonel has received nearly a quarter-million dollars worth of retirement benefits since his career in uniform came to a shocking end in 2010.

At the penitentiary canteen, there is nothing he can’t afford.

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Province Strengthens Ebola Defence

This is a release from the Ontario Premier’s Office:

Ontario is taking action to enhance the province’s readiness to contain and treat any potential case of Ebola in the province. These measures will further protect the safety of all Ontarians, including health care workers. 

The new measures include:

  • Asking Ontario’s Interim Chief Medical Officer of Health to issue a directive to hospitals and other acute care settings about new personal protective equipment and training requirements as well as enhanced procedures for containing and treating Ebola.

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Modray Says He’s The Man In Innes

This is an email from Andrew Modray, a candidate in Innes ward, who takes issue with my endorsement of his opponent Teresa Whitmore.

To read the Whitmore endorsement, click here.

Mr. Gray:

I am glad to see you at least took the time to visit my website and learn a bit about me. However, if you had looked closely at the fiscal approach I have compared to my opponents, there is no comparison.

They all want to spend and are promising the sun, moon and the stars once elected.

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Pick Perry In Rideau-Rockcliffe

election endorsementCitizen columnist Andrew Cohen’s favourite candidate in Rideau-Rockcliffe Tobi Nussbaum has been a lawyer, public servant and diplomat. Nussbaum has extensive community experience in the Beechwood area.



His website is probably the slickest in this campaign. Full of professional video presentations and wonderful design, it is a step up from the average candidate’s fare.

The problem is Nussbaum talks in generalities. He is neither pro-development nor anti-development. That’s nice. So how does he feel about zoning as a suggestion or putting huge towers in single-family neighbourhoods? He talks of mixed-use communities that were to transform neighbourhoods such as Westboro but the reality is too-tall buildings and a streetscape that looks like an outdoor shopping centre.

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Andrew Cohen’s Library: Whopper Watch

Citizen freelancer Andrew Cohen in his latest missive doesn’t get how the new central library is the Internet:

(Mayor Jim Watson’s) announcement says nothing about what a library actually means to a community.

Nothing about a library as an architectural statement, a catalyst for remaking a listless downtown. Nothing about a library as a cathedral of curiosity, the most democratic of institutions, where souls are fed and minds are formed.

Are we building a library as an architectural statement or as a library? That’s a pretty expensive whim of architecture.

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Where’s Watson?

Mikey lends a theory to where Mayor Jim Watson was when Ottawa Public Health distributed a release this week saying there was a possible Ebola case in the city.

From Facebook:

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Take D’Ambrosio In Beacon Hill-Cyrville

election endorsementBeacon Hill-Cyrville ward is a sad testimony to the lack of interest by prominent Ottawans in running for municipal office.

The mayor’s race lacks a big-name candidate beyond the incumbent.

In Beacon Hill-Cyrville, the only recognizable name is that of incumbent Tim Tierney.

The rookie councillor has a platform similar to that of Councillor Keith Egli. It lacks a lot of vision, is big on consultation and lacks vision. It stays away from any controversial municipal issues.

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Ontario Outlines Ebola Strategy

This is a release from the Ontario Premier’s Office:

Today Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, and Dr. David Mowat, Interim Chief Medical Officer of Health, issued the following statement on Ontario’s preparedness for Ebola virus disease in Ontario:

“We know that Ontarians may have concerns related to the ongoing challenges in West Africa and recent events in the United States regarding the spread of the Ebola virus.

Let us assure you that the safety of Ontario’s health care workers, patients and the public are our top priority.

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Ultra-Fast Way Of Recharging Batteries

Tired of your cellphone running out of power and it taking hours to recharge it?

Sick of short battery life in your laptop or tablet?

Scientists in Singapore have developed a battery that recharges to a level of 70 per cent in two minutes.

Here’s the full story from CNET:

The freedom to hold computers in our hands, pop wireless headphones in our ears and pilot drones through our backyards is all brought to us by batteries — especially rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

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