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Let’s Animate Ottawa: Cohen

The National Capital Commission and Citizen columnist Andrew Cohen would like to “animate” Ottawa’s waterways. Sounds like something Walt Disney might do. Would it go something like the above?


Citizen columnist Andrew Cohen (otherwise known as the chairman of the Tobi Nussbaum for Mayor in 2018 Committee) is out tub-thumping in his column again for his favourite councillor-elect in Rideau-Rockcliffe.

Do we have to listen to four years of this kind of stuff? Why the bodies of the losing candidates in 2014 aren’t even cold yet.

Then later in his column, Cohen, urban expert, delves into what this city needs. You know the urbanist Cohen is always critiquing Ottawa as a dump with no vision that can’t hold a candle to other capital cities.

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Mizrahi Goes To OMB

It’s official.

Mizrahi Development Group is going to the Ontario Municipal Board to appeal the City of Ottawa’s rejection of amendments to the Official Plan and the zoning bylaw to, among other things, allow a 12-storey building at 1451 and 1445 Wellington Street (at the corner of Island Park Drive and Wellington on the old Proshine site).

The height exceeds city zoning of six and nine stories on two lots there.

The hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Jan. 19 at Ottawa City Hall, Keefer Room, 110 Laurier Ave. West.

Five days have been set aside for the hearing.

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No Hard Feelings: Canning

Here’s a rather generous email that Somerset candidate Martin Canning sent out to his supporters after his loss in this week’s municipal election. We hope that other such notes are this conciliatory:

What a day.

What a week.

What a year.

When we started this campaign I knew that it would be tough.

We knew we were the underdogs. We were challenging the status quo.

But we didn’t let that stop us.

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FULL LOCAL: Latest Ottawa News

fulllocalFull Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

Full Local‘s content changes minute-by-minute. When there’s something happening in Ottawa, you’ll get it first in Full Local.

So if you are busy, rather than wade through the local media, get 10 lead stories from a number of sources across the city. Read what a number of news people think are the best stories of the day rather than just one media outlet. Be informed fast.

Full Local is below:

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FULL CANADIAN: Breaking National News

fullcanadianRead Full Canadian for the latest, breaking national news from the best sources in the country.

Full Canadian runs in real time so you get news as it happens.

This is the finest way to very quickly stay informed of the complete Canadian news picture in a few minutes. You’ll save time and get top quality information with Full Canadian.

Get the best Canadian news in one place. Read Full Canadian and be informed with the best information without wasting your time.

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BULLDOG PEOPLE: All The Stars Come Out

bulldog peopleWhat are all the beautiful people doing?

You know … the showbiz types, the people that the public just can’t get enough of.

Here’s a chance to find out. Bulldog People brings you the best in celebrity news from the best sources in the world.

When all the stars come out, you can read about it first in Bulldog People.

Get your star fix right here:

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Thank God And Greyhound You’re Gone

With luck, soon-to-be-ex-councillor Katherine Hobbs will be playing this song on her Buick’s eight-track when she goes to, say, Toronto. Or on the bus wearing her Sony Walkman. Yes, Thank God and Greyhound by Roy Clark.

Well Kitchissippi has at least 7,557 residents who aren’t stupid.

That’s the number who voted for Hintonburg community activist Jeff Leiper who won the ward this week in the municipal election. They were the people who did their homework and discovered a thinking candidate who has their best interests at heart.

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Rob Ford Is Getting Pathetic



Councillor-elect Rob Ford is truly getting pathetic.

He’s had alcohol problems, behaviour problems, he hangs out with nasty people, he’s overweight, he’s embarrassed his city and this nation, he’s had drug problems and now he has cancer.

Yet he carries on in the political world when he should be smelling the roses on the way. Who knows how his cancer will turn out? Wouldn’t he rather spend this time with people he loves?

The man truly doesn’t know how to quit, be it food or drugs or politics.

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Eek! Jim Watson

Well, here’s something even I wouldn’t say about this week’s civic electoral outcome. This from Twitter:

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POLITICS AND GOSSIP: The Latest On Everything

politicsandgossipRead the cutting-edge information on politics, trends, gossip and most everything else on Politics and Gossip.

It’s the No. 1 way to remain current on insider political knowledge, journalism, trends and the latest gossip.

Come back again and again.

Politics and Gossip is updated in real time. You can’t afford not to be here.

To read Politics and Gossip, just click on the headline above or “Continue Reading:”

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POLITICS JAM: Latest And Best Canadian Opinion

politicsjamPolitics Jam on Bulldog Canadian brings together the best Canadian columnists and opinion-makers all in one place and in real time.

There’s faster way of keeping informed quickly and in real time of the finest in Canadian opinion. The Bulldog brings you Politics Jam that keeps you on the cusp of what Canadians, from across the country, are thinking. Yes all of Canada, not just a few publications in the nation’s power centres.

Come back again and again.

Politics Jam changes with new articles minute-by-minute. Politics Jam is below:

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GREAT BIG CITY: Best In Urban, Planning, Design News

greatbigcityLove cities?

Can’t get enough of them?

Well if you are reading The Bulldog, we have a major focus on cities and that carries on in Great Big City.

Great Big City features the latest, cutting-edge information in real-time on urbanism, planning, ecology and design from the finest publications around the world … all in one place.

You can’t be on the cusp of planning, transportation and the environment without reading Great Big City.

And the best part is it’s always new, with original material changing minute-by-minute. Great Big City begins below:

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‘God Bless Corporal Nathan Cirillo’



This is a release from the Prime Minister’s Office:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today delivered the following remarks at the regimental funeral for Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Hamilton:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re gathered here today to give thanks for the life of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, struck down last week in the service of his country.

“His country, our country, our Canada.

“Ever desiring peace, Canada has been built upon the noblest ideals: freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

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Watson’s Post-Win Comments: Top 10 List



So we’ve got a new, same-old mayor today.

Yes, Jim Watson was re-elected to another four years of brilliant legislation. Thank goodness. If we lose Watson, who’s left to satirize?

Look, it’s like this … The Bulldog needs Jim Watson. Mike Maguire wouldn’t have been half as fun. Watson is up for all the goofy things that mayors do, except perhaps administration.

But no matter. What is important is that we have lots of grist for The Bulldog. Ottawa might suffer but The Bulldog will profit. I love ya, man.

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cityvoteHere is a compendium of Bulldog stories covering the Ottawa municipal election on Oct. 27.

It’s Ottawa’s most comprehensive coverage of the upcoming municipal election.

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Debate, Discuss, Chat: Bulldog Live Blog

bulldogliveblogHere we go … one full day of live blogging for Ottawa’s municipal election.

cleeseThis will be a bit of a grind but The Bulldog would really like to get into some debates and discussions about the election, the campaign that led up to it and its implications for the city.

Use the comment box at the bottom of the post and I’ll try to address these comments in the main body of the live blog. Of course the blog pythonwill become more hectic as the polls close and the results are released.

Still The Bulldog thinks this might be a very interesting day.

So start commenting about the election. Tell us what you think.

So let’s start the debate. Remember to put your comments in the comment box on the end of the post. We’ll take it from there.

10:54 @Urban Vortex: Purgatory? Hell, methinks.

10: 32: @Linda: All very good points. A very considered comment. Unfortunately Watson will continue to run a council without debate. That’s not good democracy. But it’s good for him.

10:28: @GiGi: Leiper will serve the community much better than the incumbent. The community needs some rational planning. I’m afraid his protestations are likely to fall on deaf ears on council.

10:11: I’ll be hanging around here to respond to any comments you might have. Thank you for your magnificent support of The Bulldog today. For readership, it’s been The Bulldog’s best day ever … and that includes its time on ottawacitizen.com. In fact, its numbers regularly outstrip the Dawg’s days at the Citizen. Many apologies for all the typos. I’m typing as fast as I can and have to admit I’m getting pretty pooped. There, I’ve made all my excuses. Have a good evening.

10:05: Congratulations to Rogers for doing such an extensive and solid job of covering the election. My friend Sandra Blaikie is the best broadcast journalist in the city and she’s not working in the field. A shame. She’s a fabulous babe. When do we go for dinner, Blaikie?She even made Randall Denley look somewhat good. And boo to the traditional stations for not doing their community duty. They are doing their best to make municipal politics insignificant. So much for their supposed interest in the community.

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Please Post Election Comments On Live Blog

As it says on the headline above, could the Dawg Pack please put election comments on the Bulldog Live Blog so that we can focus the discussion in one place? Much thank you. Woof!

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Hobbs Voted Most Likely To Lose: Poll Results



Good morning voters.

Here are the results from Sunday’s Bulldog Poll on which councillors are most likely to lose.

Normally The Bulldog would ask which councillor would win, but the “losing” way of dealing with it tends to eliminate ballot-box stuffing.

Our friend Katherine Hobbs, the Kitchissippi councillor, leads the pack of councillors who are likely to be looking for work on Tuesday.

Here are the poll results:

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Can You Say Mayor Maguire? Poll Results



What? Are you serious?

Despite all indications to the contrary, Bulldog readers say in Sunday’s Bulldog Poll that candidate Mike Maguire will win today’s mayoral tilt.

No doubt this will come as a surprise, even to Maguire.

And what does this say about The Bulldog?

Despite the fact that the proprietor is usually perceived as a white-wine-drinking, tax-and-spend centrist or liberal, The Bulldog has been invaded by the conservatives.

Oh no, run for your life.

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The Bulldog’s Endorsements

ballotTwenty-three wards and a mayor later, The Bulldog is the only serious Ottawa publication doing endorsements to the best of our knowledge.

One Ottawa publication says it’s not doing endorsements (after decades of doing them) because they unfairly influence voters. What that publication really means is that staff has been cut back so far that it doesn’t feel it can do endorsements.

Well The Bulldog is a pretty slimmed-down operation too and it found a way to do endorsements. That said the endorsement journalist (who also acts as the circulation director, editor, technical department, photo department, public editor, letters editor and myriad other roles) found a way to finish the task.

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Carleton’s Chi Gets Second Chancellor Term

This is a release from Carleton University:

Carleton University has announced that the Board of Governors has reappointed Charles Chi as chancellor for a second three-year term effective Nov. 29, 2014.

Chancellor Chi was appointed as the university’s 11th chancellor in 2011 and has played an important role on campus as a mentor for entrepreneurs and engineers and a visionary supporter of the musical arts, in addition to his official duties at Convocation.

The first Carleton alumnus to be named chancellor, he graduated with a Bachelor of Systems Engineering.

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French President To Address Parliament

This is a release from the Prime Minister’s Office:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that François Hollande, President of the French Republic, will address Canada’s Parliament as part of his first State Visit to Canada from November 2 to 4, 2014.

President Hollande will be accompanied by several cabinet ministers and a large business and academic delegation from France. The visit, which is part of concerted efforts by both Canada and France to further strengthen the deep and longstanding bond between the two countries, will focus on greater cooperation on international security and threats, trade and economic development, innovation, and broader people-to-people ties.

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John Kerry To Visit Ottawa

This is a release from the foreign affairs department:

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today confirmed that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Ottawa on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

“Canada and the United States have been partners, allies and friends through good times, as well as through some of our most tragic moments in history,” said Baird.

“President Obama and Secretary Kerry were among the first people to reach out to Canada during the horrific events of last week. I am grateful that Secretary Kerry will visit Ottawa and stand by Canadians as we mourn the loss of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and as we move forward in pursuit of our shared values.”

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Who Is Your Pick For Mayor? Bulldog Poll

ballotboxWell, here we go. This is the last Bulldog Poll before Monday’s election.

In the past, the readership of The Bulldog has shown overwhelming support for candidate Mike Maguire. Let’s see if that holds just before election day.

And while we have a moment, The Bulldog would like to thank everyone who has participated on this news site through reading, debating or commenting during this long civic election campaign.

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