Defend Taxpayer For A Change, Jim Watson



Good lawyers don’t advise their clients to lose a case.

That’s bad for business. Not a lot of repeat clients if that’s what happens.

Now Gowling Lafleur Henderson is a topnotch law firm so its advice is solid.

Those legal types say the city can win its dispute over who pays for fixing the roof on the arena at Lansdowne. At least that’s what David Reevely’s column in the Citizen says.

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The Enemy At The Gates …

… and over the moat and now sitting at the desk across the hall.

Yes the Ottawa Sun has moved into the same digs on Baxter Road as the Ottawa Citizen. It’s not right.

Okay, the Province and the Sun did that sort of thing in Vancouver but there were always no end of strange bedfellows on the left coast.

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What Are They Teaching At Carleton?

carletonCarleton University has one of the best journalism programs in Canada.

No doubt its faculty teaches about freedom of information, open public meetings, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It also will instruct about the importance of tracing public money’s use.

Someone should tell the university’s board about these concepts.

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Mauril Belanger Has Lou Gehrig’s Disease



Our thoughts are with Mauril Belanger, his friends and family upon his learning that he has Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Times like these go far beyond the realm of everyday politics and we join in wishing the Ottawa-Vanier MP the best in these difficult times.

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What Watson Won’t Say: Top 10 List

TOP 10 LISTMayor Jim Watson is probably the most prominent politician in Ottawa.

Nobody does PR better. In fact that’s probably why he is featured so often in The Bulldog … nobody else is talking. We apologize Your Worship but if you kept a lower profile, you wouldn’t be getting so many pixels in The Bulldog.

So while we’re on talking, let’s conduct a little experiment. We know what Watson says but it would be interesting to consider what he would never say.

Thus the topic of today’s Top 10 list:

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Winter’s First Blast Expected Tomorrow

weather undergroundGet the salt and sand out tomorrow.

A weather statement has been issued for the Ottawa Valley Tuesday because of a risk of freezing rain.

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Send Lansdowne To Arbitrator: Reader

Lansdowne Park as it was envisaged in 2012.

Bulldog  commenter Sheridan says we will see who on council is willing to stand up for the public on Lansdowne and send this problem to an arbitrator:

Remember that mayoral candidate Jim Watson promised no more sole-sourcing, and then went on to support Plasco (until it went bankrupt) as well as the RCR on the casino deal. Time to shine some light on these sole-sourcing deals.

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Respect Ottawa’s Residents: Reader

Bulldog contributor Ron Benn says the only time city hall wants to hear from residents is at tax time.

His comments are below:

When faced with the litany of errors, mistakes, over budget disasters, ad-hoc zoning decisions etc. that have plagued this city for the last decade (we could look further back, but …), the common theme is a lack of respect for the residents and taxpayers of Ottawa.

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It’s Just Not My Fault: Whopper Watch


“Obviously one shooting is a concern and when we see over 40 shootings a year, that too is a concern and we have to rely on the expert advice of the police and the gun-and-gangs unit to try to do their best to curb these and ultimately to eliminate them.”

Mayor Jim Watson

A while has passed since His Worship has appeared in Whopper Watch.

And we’ve missed him.

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Lansdowne, Watson And The AG: Digital Dog


Today Alf Chaiton of Tweedsmuir Consulting looks at the city auditor’s report, Lansdowne and the performance of Mayor Jim Watson with The Bulldog’s Ken Gray.

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PM Saddened By Death Of Maurice Strong

This is a release from the Prime Minister’s Office:

“I was very saddened to learn of the death of Maurice Strong. On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

“Mr Strong was an internationally recognized environmentalist and philanthropist who used his remarkable business acumen, organizational skills, and humanity to make the world a better place.

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No More City Backroom Deals



Vintage Jim Watson. Here’s the mayor doing the shuffle on the Lansdowne profit problem.

It appears he speaks for all the taxpaying public of Ottawa with this quote:

“I think given the history of the start of Lansdowne, of all the different court cases, the public just wants us to get on with it and operate Lansdowne and make it a success and a people place it has become, as opposed to getting dragged out at court and arbitrated settlements.”

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Haste Makes Civic Waste

What does Mayor Jim Watson too often want to do?

Get on with it.

Watson refused to push the reset button on a bad light-rail project and look what we got. Billions spent on an ineffective line. Let’s get on with it.

On Lansdowne, Watson tells us we should just get on with it.

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Let’s Thoroughly Probe Lansdowne



The only person ahead of Gloucester-Southgate Councillor Diane Deans on having the auditor general look at the Lansdowne mess was the AG himself.

Ken Hughes says he wants to look at the Lansdowne management though exactly what he means by the term is open to interpretation.

So someone should probe this. The city expected to get back $23.6 million on the Lansdowne deal and now that paltry sum is in jeopardy because of extra costs on the site.

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Finally … We Have The AG’s Report


The auditor general looked at the city’s snow operations.

The auditor general was certainly correct about problems in tech services.

The Bulldog was told the auditor general’s report would be available on by late morning Thursday … just an estimate.

By around 2 p.m., your agent thought he’d better go back to computer school because he couldn’t find the report. So then two people told The Bulldog it would be ready around 3 p.m. …. no not then either.

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City Paved Bridge That Didn’t Need It: Auditor

This is a release from the City of Ottawa auditor-general’s office.

It outlines what the auditor perceives as the highlights of his annual document.

To read the report, click on the highlighted type below:

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Staff Responds To AG’s Report

This is a release from the City of Ottawa.

Particularly interesting is the line near the bottom of the release on the unnecessary paving of the Mackenzie Bridge which The Bulldog boldfaced. An arbitration was held in a dispute related to the project and the results can’t be released to the public.

But one wonders at whose behest: the city’s or the other party to the mediation.

The release is below:

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Lansdowne: City Shoots Itself In The Foot

Andrew Zenner, a financial expert and Bulldog reader, takes on the Lansdowne financial report and finds it wanting:

Interestingly, when the city put up $140 million (or so) to rebuild the stadium, the city and OSEG claimed that this really wasn’t equity because the city was borrowing the bulk of the money.

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