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The Bulldog’s Endorsements

ballotTwenty-three wards and a mayor later, The Bulldog is the only serious Ottawa publication doing endorsements to the best of our knowledge.

One Ottawa publication says it’s not doing endorsements (after decades of doing them) because they unfairly influence voters. What that publication really means is that staff has been cut back so far that it doesn’t feel it can do endorsements.

Well The Bulldog is a pretty slimmed-down operation too and it found a way to do endorsements. That said the endorsement journalist (who also acts as the circulation director, editor, technical department, photo department, public editor, letters editor and myriad other roles) found a way to finish the task.

But oh brother, this jack of all trades is plenty pooped. When the last endorsement was completed, a cheer was heard from deep within the confines of Bulldog World Headquarters.

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Woodroffe Intersection Closed Permanently

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

As of Wednesday, October 22, the Woodroffe Avenue and Prince of Wales Drive intersection is permanently closed and through traffic will no longer be permitted. Motorists can access both roads by using Strandherd Drive.

In the same general area, Woodroffe Avenue will be closed for construction between Cresthaven Drive / Paul Metivier Drive and Prince of Wales Drive. This work will also begin on Wednesday. The closure is required during installation of sewers along this section of roadway. The work is expected to be completed by mid-December. Detours will be clearly marked.

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Kirkpatrick On Shooting, Lockdown

This is a City of Ottawa internal memo written by city manager Kent Kirkpatrick to staff and obtained by The Bulldog:

Message to employees following downtown shooting

Following the events that took place yesterday in Ottawa’s downtown core, I want to thank all City employees for adapting and cooperating during a very difficult and uncertain situation.

Not only were we learning of the events unfolding downtown, a number of employees were involved in a lockdown and unrelated power outages at Mary Pitt Centre.

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Watson Takes Half A Step Forward

When people think of a mayor responding well during a crisis, they recall New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani during the 9/11 tragedy.

Mayor Jim Watson took half a step forward from being a politician to becoming a leader.

Watson was quick to respond officially at the tragic events that occurred on Wednesday on Parliament Hill.

The mayor sent out a press release expressing his shock at the events of the day, then tweeted that out that release to his 41,000 followers.

That’s how that mayor of a major city is supposed to respond when difficult circumstances unfold.

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Tough Sherring Needed On Council

election endorsementScott Hodge, a candidate in Gloucester-South Nepean ward, has extensive community experience plus a business and government background.



Hodge says he would bring his financial acumen from his professional duties to city hall. In addition, he would consider starting express buses from Ottawa’s south end.

The Bulldog has repeatedly come out against creating committees under the councillor’s position. In Hodge’s situation, he would create both a youth committee and a seniors committee. That’s been a deal-breaker in the past for The Bulldog. Once again the city and province spent years trying to create a one-level of government and now some potential councillors want to start unelected committees under them. It’s the job of the councillor to represent the community, not that of appointed committees.

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Light Rail? Come On: Whopper Watch



Don’t really know what writer Mark Brownlee was thinking when he wrote this whopper in Wednesday’s Citizen:

(Larry O’Brien) scrapped an ill-advised plan and replaced it with the 12.5-kilometre spine that will serve as the basis for most every other transit project in this city for the next century.

In truth, O’Brien scrapped a good plan that ran from Barrhaven to the University of Ottawa at one-third the cost of the current $2.1-billion tunnel project. That stretches from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair Road.

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FULL LOCAL: Latest Ottawa News

fulllocalFull Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

Full Local‘s content changes minute-by-minute. When there’s something happening in Ottawa, you’ll get it first in Full Local.

So if you are busy, rather than wade through the local media, get 10 lead stories from a number of sources across the city. Read what a number of news people think are the best stories of the day rather than just one media outlet. Be informed fast.

Full Local is below:

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FULL CANADIAN: Breaking National News

fullcanadianRead Full Canadian for the latest, breaking national news from the best sources in the country.

Full Canadian runs in real time so you get news as it happens.

This is the finest way to very quickly stay informed of the complete Canadian news picture in a few minutes. You’ll save time and get top quality information with Full Canadian.

Get the best Canadian news in one place. Read Full Canadian and be informed with the best information without wasting your time.

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cityvoteHere is a compendium of Bulldog stories covering the Ottawa municipal election on Oct. 27.

It’s Ottawa’s most comprehensive coverage of the upcoming municipal election.

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‘We Will Not Be Intimidated:’ Harper



This is a release from the Prime Minister’s Office:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today delivered the following remarks:

“My fellow Canadians, for the second time this week there has been a brutal and violent attack on our soil.

“Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Corporal Nathan Cirillo of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada.

“Corporal Cirillo was killed today – murdered in cold blood – as he provided a ceremonial Honour Guard at Canada’s National War Memorial.

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Ottawa Together

flagWe’re all a little shaken today that our gentle city has seen such violence.

A soldier at guard over a fallen warrior becomes a fallen soldier himself. A shooter is gunned down in the halls of Parliament. Our elected representatives are terrorized in the symbol of Canadian democracy.

Something similar happened in Boston at the marathon in 2013 when death came to that peaceful event and citizens were locked down in their homes.

Then came the signs, not just in Boston but across the continent, Boston Strong. Those signs even showed in Boston baseball’s most hated rival park, Yankee Stadium. Sweet Caroline became a national obsession.

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City Lowers Flags For Fallen Soldier

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Flags at all City facilities will be flown at half-mast to honour the life and service of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s), who gave his life today in service to Canada.

The City of Ottawa extends sincere gratitude to Corporal Cirillo and his family and offers our deepest condolences to his family and friends for their tragic loss.

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The Real Nature of Terror

Here’s one, among many today, of the worst nightmares of security officials in Canada.

In the past, terrorists have focused on hard targets such as airports that have very high security.

But the scariest part of this terrible incident, which is still very fluid at this point, is the reports of locking down the Rideau Centre near Parliament Hill.

Police and security officials can’t protect the whole country. Recently a terrorist of some kind tried to run over two soldiers in Montreal with a car. One soldier died. That’s the kind of unorthodox terror threat that officials simply cannot defend against, unless by human intelligence.

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Watson ‘Shocked’ By Shootings

This is a statement from Mayor Jim Watson concerning the shooting incidents near or on Parliament Hill:

As with all Ottawa residents and all Canadians, I am shocked and saddened by what has happened in the last hour here in the nation’s capital.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured.

Ottawa Paramedics and Fire Services provided first response to those injured and Ottawa Police Services are engaged with other law enforcement agencies at this time in pursuit of the criminal or criminals who have carried out this vicious and unwarranted attack.

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The Maguire Boost That Never Was



The Bulldog on Tuesday decided after much hand-wringing that the website would not endorse candidate Mike Maguire for mayor.

In fact, early on Tuesday morning The Bulldog was going to read like what is posted below. In that incarnation of the mayoral endorsement, The Bulldog was backing Mike Maguire as the best of two bad alternatives, the other being Mayor Jim Watson.

Below are the relevant parts of The Bulldog endorsement that was removed early Tuesday and that supported Maguire. In fact, The Bulldog could not support a candidate who doesn’t reflect the views of this website. Neither Watson nor Maguire, The Bulldog feels, are suitable for Ottawa’s top post.

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Gray, Snow Look At Kitchissippi Ward

cfraCFRA Afternoon Edition host Rob Snow and The Bulldog’s Ken Gray take a look at one of the most contested wards in Monday’s Ottawa municipal election … Kitchissippi.

Here incumbent Katherine Hobbs is sawing off with former Hintonburg Community Asssociation chief Jeff Leiper with Michelle Reimer in the fight as well.

Leiper appears to be in the lead but what might save Hobbs is the fact that she has two major opponents who might split the opposition vote. That’s happened before in this highly politicized ward.

Here’s Gray and Snow on CFRA:

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Petition Aimed At Ending Bus Detour

Things are getting tough in Kitchissippi ward.

This anonymous letter is being sent to homes in the ward concerning the plan to run the Transitway bus detour due to light-rail construction on Scott Street.

This issue is obviously a weak point for Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs because the hated (in the ward at least) of the bus detour came about on the councillor’s watch.

Somebody is working hard to defeat the councillor.

Here’s the letter:

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BULLDOG PEOPLE: All The Stars Come Out

bulldog peopleWhat are all the beautiful people doing?

You know … the showbiz types, the people that the public just can’t get enough of.

Here’s a chance to find out. Bulldog People brings you the best in celebrity news from the best sources in the world.

When all the stars come out, you can read about it first in Bulldog People.

Get your star fix right here:

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POLITICS AND GOSSIP: The Latest On Everything

politicsandgossipRead the cutting-edge information on politics, trends, gossip and most everything else on Politics and Gossip.

It’s the No. 1 way to remain current on insider political knowledge, journalism, trends and the latest gossip.

Come back again and again.

Politics and Gossip is updated in real time. You can’t afford not to be here.

To read Politics and Gossip, just click on the headline above or “Continue Reading:”

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POLITICS JAM: Latest And Best Canadian Opinion

politicsjamPolitics Jam on Bulldog Canadian brings together the best Canadian columnists and opinion-makers all in one place and in real time.

There’s faster way of keeping informed quickly and in real time of the finest in Canadian opinion. The Bulldog brings you Politics Jam that keeps you on the cusp of what Canadians, from across the country, are thinking. Yes all of Canada, not just a few publications in the nation’s power centres.

Come back again and again.

Politics Jam changes with new articles minute-by-minute. Politics Jam is below:

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GREAT BIG CITY: Best In Urban, Planning, Design News

greatbigcityLove cities?

Can’t get enough of them?

Well if you are reading The Bulldog, we have a major focus on cities and that carries on in Great Big City.

Great Big City features the latest, cutting-edge information in real-time on urbanism, planning, ecology and design from the finest publications around the world … all in one place.

You can’t be on the cusp of planning, transportation and the environment without reading Great Big City.

And the best part is it’s always new, with original material changing minute-by-minute. Great Big City begins below:

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The Bulldog Backs No One For Mayor

election endorsementLet’s give credit where credit is due and discuss what Mayor Jim Watson has done right.

It won’t take long.

Watson has not embarrassed his office by making wild comments on a wide assortment of issues as his predecessor did. The office is treated with respect and good on Watson for that.

Watson has been a great communicator going to public gathering after public gathering in an effort to reach the people. More likely given that it is always about Jim, it’s a perpetual election campaign.

Still, he is out there. As one public servant said, Watson is a great retail politician but on the wholesale side … administration and public policy … not so much.

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Mayoral Choice To Be Released

election endorsementBy this time of the morning, Bulldog readers, god bless you all, would have usually sat down, pulled out their tablets, had a coffee, a



piece of grapefruit, a bowl of corn flakes and read the commandments of the aforementioned canine.

However most of you, one hopes, will have noticed that there is nothing new on The Bulldog this morning. There are two reasons for this.

First, The Bulldog had a very successful, though entirely too invasive, procedure performed on him by some wonderful people who did it without a twinge of pain.

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Distracted Driving Fines Skyrocket

This is a release from the Ontario Premier’s Office:

Ontario is introducing legislation that, if passed, would help keep the province’s roads among the safest in North America by reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities.

If passed, the proposed legislation and supporting amendments to the Highway Traffic Act will make highways and roads safer by:

  • Increasing fines for distracted driving from its current range of $60 to $500 to a range of $300 to $1,000; assigning three demerit points upon conviction; and adding distracted driving to the existing list of novice driver conditions.

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Blackburn Hamlet Can Drink The Water Again

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has lifted the boil water advisory affecting approximately 200 addresses in the Blackburn Hamlet area. The advisory was in effect for all the addresses on the following streets:

  • Glen Park Drive
  • Birchtree Park
  • Compata Way
  • Fairglen Mews

Water sample results indicate the water is safe for all consumption purposes.

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