Watson Makes Commitment Until He Doesn’t

light rail

A giant $60-million contract for Phase 2 of Ottawa’s light-rail project has been sole-sourced.

No sole-sourcing Mayor Jim Watson pledged during the 2010 municipal election campaign.

So Watson called for bids for the lease on the Coventry Road baseball stadium and took the lowest bid rather than the best bid. Accordingly he screwed up and baseball in this city has suffered a setback from which it probably will never recover. Watson didn’t know what he was doing. No sports fan … no business expert. Good at getting elected though.

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The Mayor And Ethics: Major Whopper


“If all of a sudden, midway through the biggest city building project in the city’s history, if we change direction and companies, we set back the schedule and we wouldn’t save the dollars as we’ve been told by our professional staff and we wouldn’t see the continuation of efficiency with the project.”

Mayor Jim Watson on why $60-million light-rail contract is being sole-sourced

But Your Worship, didn’t you promise not to sole-source contracts during the 2010 election campaign?

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Don’t Cut Snow Removal

What do cities do?

Of course, basic services.

Well they pick up the garbage, repair streets, provide transit, deliver water, provide electricity, take away waste and build roads among other things.

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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First


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The feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

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YOUR COMMENTS: Ottawa’s Sound And The Fury

YOUR COMMENTSNow you have a voice.anger

Here are the latest comments on The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian.

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Watson’s Council Stranglehold Cracks


City Hall: Mayor Jim Watson’s domination over city council failed last week.

Mayor Jim Watson lost a major council vote last week on zoning amendments at 180 Metcalfe St.

In an 11-11 standoff, Watson found himself on the wrong side of the ledger. Tie goes to the opponents.

What does this mean? Well it shows that Watson’s stranglehold on city council can be broken.

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Who Voted For What On 180 Metcalfe



Here is how the voting broke down on the two zoning amendments at 180 Metcalfe St. last Wednesday at city council.

Those amendments would allow a hotel above the second storey of the building and make an exemption of 27 storeys when the community design plan says it should be 12.

Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder said she was shocked that council would not allow the project and The Bulldog was shocked but for a much different reason:

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But What About Light Rail?

Mayor Jim Watson had a bad week at the end of August.

First he loses the vote on 180 Metcalfe St. Then a report shows that his grandstanding at budget time to get tax increases below two per cent has resulted in a $41-million shortfall.

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$41 Million Of Watson Mismanagement



The fallout has begun on Mayor Jim Watson’s arbitrary budget targets that are not based on city need but on him looking good at election time.

Accordingly the city budget deficit is heading toward a whopping $41 million by the end of 2015.

And why is that?

Let’s let College Councillor Rick Chiarelli say it best:

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Water, Sewers Create Fiscal Sinkhole

Astute watchers of city hall politics will remember that over the last two years water and sewer rates have risen seven per cent per year.

The June consumer price index figures show inflation running at one per cent.

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Who Speaks For The People?



Citizen journalist David Reevely pretty much nailed this one with news that former city planning committee chairman Peter Hume has joined forces with former Minto vice-president Jack Stirling to form the consulting firm HP Urban:

The urban-planning business is high-profile but pretty small. There’s not a lot of money in working for community associations that have to pass the hat to cover a planner’s fees; the people who do it are like legal-aid lawyers but with even less business. With very, very few exceptions, you’re either working for a government that regulates things or for a company that’s trying to get that government’s approval.

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Harder Shocked, Bulldog More Shocked



Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder said she was “shocked” that a 27-storey hotel slated to be built at 180 Metcalfe Street was defeated at city council Wednesday.

It was to arise from the Medical Arts Building. The project will be addressed again at the Sept. 9 council meeting with the vote tied Wednesday at 11-11.

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Second Taxi Review Report Awarded

ottawa logoKPMG and two other firms have been chosen to conduct the taxi regulations review.

Below is the release from the City of Ottawa:

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A Burger King In The West Block: Whopper Watch


“The mayors of Ottawa and Gatineau have asked for representation on the NCC’s board, which might help prevent future rubber-stamping.”

Citizen columnist Kate Heartfield

What the appointment of Mayor Jim Watson would do on the National Capital Commission board would be to bring the developer agenda to places such as the Macdonald Parkway.

Many Ottawa politicians are beholden to the development industry and the city’s planning department has gone native with developers. What developers want, the City of Ottawa wants. Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder has never seen a developer she didn’t embrace.

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Should Pols Report To NCC? Whopper Watch


“So we have the worst of both worlds: an unelected body nccdoing the bidding of (certain) politicians.”

Citizen columnist Kate Heartfield on the National Capital Commission

But isn’t this what politicians and public servants do?

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NDP Leads The Pack: Major Poll

Angus Reid this morning released its latest poll on the current popularity of the federal parties leading up to the October election.

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Hummingbird: Nature’s Flower Hooligan

Upworthy examines that little thing in your garden or at the sugar-filled feeder.

The hummingbird, despite its looks, is one mean dude.

According to a report in Slate, they have beaks:

“like stilettos, longer and pointier than those of juvenile males or females — the better for stabbing other males in the throat.”

Like the three hummingbirds seen here absolutely crushing a bird feeder.

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Showboat Jim Loses His Actors


Isn’t it nice to be wanted? The mayor on Twitter, one of his 56,000 tweets.

The Tories spoke loudly Tuesday morning when it came to appearing at a PR exercise for Showboat Captain Jim Watson:

This from Watson’s public relations man Brook Simpson:

Good morning,

Due to having no candidates in attendance, this morning’s briefing and media availability have been cancelled.

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Taxi Reports Plumb Depths of Cynicism



Your agent has seen many political screw-ups but the taxi report mess is a classic.

For three years, Mayor Jim Watson and former community and protective services chairman Mark Taylor (a very loyal Watson ally) delayed a report that was to cover all facets of the taxi industry … for three years.

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Beaches: It’s All About Jim

So recent media reports say keeping the city’s beaches open for young and old alike would have cost an extra $10,000.

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Is Diane Deans The Mayor?



Community and protective services chairwoman Diane Deans is doing all the right things on the taxi issue. That’s the question where Mayor Jim Watson has gone to ground, turtled … why even ostriched.

Deans says it’s too early to know if the new $300,000 report on the taxi industry can be done by the end of the year. She’s being honest.

And she is providing taxi-issue information to the public. Where’s the mayor?

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Showboat Starring Jim Watson: Whopper Watch

The unkind among us (me?) might accuse Mayor Jim Watson of showboating by thrusting himself into the federal campaign. If Watson needs help in the field of showboating (highly unlikely), here is the trailer to the musical Showboat. Think of Watson in the lead role.


“I think this is a win-win. It helps the NCC better understand our local issues and aspirations and frustrations.”

Mayor Jim Watson on why he wants to be on the National Capital Commission board

What Watson means, translated into English is:

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Watson Ignores English Outaouais



Does English Outaouais not matter?

Mayor Jim Watson in his showboating tour of the federal election will hold a bilingual meeting at Ottawa City Hall on issues concerning local interest.

Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin will hold a French-language debate in Gatineau.

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Why Is Watson Showboating?

So why is Mayor Jim Watson showboating by diving into the federal election stressing local issues?

That’s because if you really want to make progress on local issues with the federal government, you don’t publicly embarrass the feds and shame them.

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