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Racist? Whopper Watch


“I often find it ironic when I hear people with heavy accents, who are obviously new Canadians themselves, saying we don’t want to accept more people from offshore. There’s really quite an underlying tone of racism in that element.”

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson


How can people with heavy accents be racist when not wanting to accept refugees to Canada?

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Mayor Pays Tribute To Keeping

This is a release from the mayor’s office on the death of news-reader Max Keeping on Thursday:

“Ottawa has been blessed to have Max Keeping as an important part of its local family for as long as anyone can remember.

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City In A State Of Crisis: McKenney



Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney says the City of Ottawa is in a state of crisis.

McKenney looks at the $52-million operating deficit, the fact that there are no permanent deputy city managers in place, the current city manager Kent Kirkpatrick is leaving, acting deputy city managers are being stretched by doing the deputies’ work and their former jobs and the threats to current programs by the deficit. McKenney calls the current situation “alarming.”

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Festival In Praise Of The Porch

One of the great attributes of an old neighbourhood is the front porch.

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Taking The Suburbs Beyond Bedroom Community

The National Capital Commission has an interesting lecture Thursday evening as part of its Capital Urbanism Lab series of speaking events.

The NCC release is below. Just click on the highlighted words:

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Watson Needs To Play Fair With The Sens

Sens owner Eugene Melnyk with Helene Campbell.

This disconcerting theme has been running along at Ottawa City Hall for some time.

The Ottawa Senators and owner Eugene Melnyk can’t buy a break from the folks on Laurier Avenue.

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Eugene Melnyk’s Ottawa Problem

It is said you can move to Prince Edward Island if you like but you’ll always be from “away.”

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is discovering that in Ottawa.

Every time Melnyk needs some kind of cooperation from the city in a major project, he gets slapped down.

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Heavy Rail Would End Long Wait For Kanata LRT

Perhaps Marianne Wilkinson is correct.

If the City of Ottawa can’t bring light rail to Kanata by 2031, maybe the tall foreheads on Laurier Avenue (who are never wrong … unless they are caught … and even then, sometimes still not wrong) should consider using the heavy-rail lines that run from Kanata for transit, the Kanata North councillor says.

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Say No To Poilievre In Carleton

Here’s comedian Rick Mercer on Carleton candidate Pierre Poilievre.

election endorsementThe Bulldog will be endorsing candidates in Ottawa-area ridings for the upcoming federal election. Today we discuss Carleton riding:

Pierre Poilievre, Conservative: Under no circumstances should incumbent Poilievre be sent back to the cabinet and House of Commons.

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Trust … It’s All About Trust

A quote from Urbanist Jane Jacobs on trust in society.

Is there something the mayor, council and city staff could learn from this?

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Tories Stand Up The Mayor Again



Mayor Jim Watson gets more press from the federal election than any of the candidates running.

Sometimes it looks as though the federal campaign is being run for the convenience of the mayor to grandstand and showboat. Just to make things clear, Watson is not running federally this time out. It just looks that way.

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The Mystery Of The 2nd Taxi Report


“Fortunately, at the mayor’s request, the city is exploring an earlier deadline. But even that might not be soon enough.”

Mark Sutcliffe in the Citizen on the city’s second taxi report

The operative word in the above is “second.”

You see the city and Mayor Jim Watson have been sitting on a comprehensive study into all facets of the taxi industry for three years.

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Ooze Swamps Parts Of Great Lakes

This has been a huge year for algae growth in the Great Lakes with some aerial photos making parts of the lakes look like green ooze.

Here’s the full story from Atlantic’s CityLab:

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The Lonely Gentrifier

Excited about moving to that new neighbourhood?

Jacked about your flat-roofed in-fill home?

And oh yeah, The neighbours. Well they’ll be fine.

Or maybe not.

Here’s one person’s take on gentrification Atlantic’s CityLab:

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City Can’t Find Kelly Clarkson At The CTC

Kelly Clarkson, who will be at the Canadian Tire Centre on Oct. 1, has a rather popular video. It has been seen more than 163 million times on YouTube. Strangely her concert couldn’t make a city press release on what’s going on this fall but the Redblacks football game that night did.

Last week your trusty Bulldog noticed that the Ottawa Senators had been shutout of a city press release on autumn happenings.

Lots of stuff though from TD Place.

It left your agent wondering if relations had cooled again between Mayor Jim Watson and the good folks in Kanata.

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Where Does The Gas-Tax Money Go?

gasBulldog contributor Sheridan takes a look at where the gas-tax money goes:

The province and feds have encouraged gas tax money to go into public transit (at least in those cities with public transit). The province uses transit ridership and population to decide how much money Ontario municipalities receive in gas tax revenue.

Where things get tricky is when this gas tax money gets dumped into the city’s general revenue pot, and then it is hard to trace.

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Look Out For City, Provincial Road Tolls


Will Ontario drivers get accustomed to paying for use of the road?

Toronto simply can’t keep up with the cost of repairing its roads.

Columnist Christopher Hume says the time is fast approaching when driving will become much more expensive with tolls:

In hindsight, the $60 vehicle registration fee looks like a bargain. By the time the city and province are done implementing their road tolls, highway charges, HOT lanes and so on, driving will be a whole lot more expensive.


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Industry Backs F-35 Program

This is a release from the Canadian Joint Industry Group:

The Canadian Joint Industry Group (CJIG) representing companies across the country has spoken out today about the importance of the F-35 Program to their businesses.  Key points made in their statement are:

  • The program has already created hundreds of high value employment opportunities; currently, over a twenty year period it is expected to produce 53,000 person years of employment.

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War Museum Wins TripAdvisor Tourism Award

This is a release from the Canadian War Museum:

The Canadian War Museum is proud to be recognized once again by TripAdvisor as one of the best museums in the country, ranking third among the top 10 museums in Canada for the second year in a row.

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Oops: City Omits The Senators

The City of Ottawa might have missed the Ottawa Senators in its fall public relations release but The Bulldog hasn’t forgotten. A bit of free PR for the Sens is above.

The public impression is that Mayor Jim Watson and the Ottawa Senators had forgotten their differences following the casino question.

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Syrian Exercise Cynical PR



The Mayor’s Public Forum on the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Efforts was first announced on Sept. 14. The forum will take place on Oct. 1.

You’d have to be a pretty patient refugee to stand behind razor wire in some obscure European outpost waiting for Ottawa to take you in.

Here’s what Mayor Jim Watson has accomplished with his real or imagined effort to help refugees from war-torn Syria. Remember the mayor has no jurisdiction over refugees or foreign affairs.

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That’s A Dumb Answer: Whopper Watch


“Do you really think I’m going to answer that question? That’s a dumb question.”

Ottawa Senators coach Dave Cameron

Uh-oh. From which journalism school did Cameron graduate?

Former Senators goaltender Robin Lehner popped off to the press about not being treated well with the Sens before the club traded him to Buffalo this summer.

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Taxi Injunction Sad Day For Ottawa: Reader

cityhallsmallThis is a letter on the taxi question from a Bulldog reader:


The drivers were offered a 100 per cent fee increase at the meeting the mayor brokered many weeks ago, and the airport/Coventry refused to accept any compromise to their unilateral action.

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Somewhere A Fat Lady Is Singing

Some of those things Yogi Berra said in his own unique way.

I hope Bulldog readers will excuse me dabbling into the realm of baseball this morning (it’s an obsession) but the world was saddened by the death of baseball manager, catcher and linguist Yogi Berra.

Berra combined two of my great loves … baseball and the English language. I’ve collected a few errors in both. I love stories and great quotes so I was a pushover for Yogi. I wish I’d said half the things he said. I wish I were a quarter the baseball player he was.

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OPL Joins Fight Again High eBook Prices

This is a release from the Ottawa Public Library:

The Ottawa Public Library is pleased to join Canadian Public Libraries for Fair Ebook Pricing to raise awareness of high eBook prices charged by multinational publishers.

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