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How Kinsella Would Defeat The NDP



The recent Forum Research poll has the NDP comfortably in front as the fall federal election approaches.

Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella says the Tories have done such an effective job of attacking Liberal leader Justin Trudeau that Thomas Mulcair’s NDP has come to the fore.

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Guess Who Is Ottawa’s Next Mayor?



Nominal Liberal Mayor Jim Watson and ultra-conservative Jan Harder might think again about their massively pro-development agenda at any cost.

They’re running against the political tide.

A Forum Research poll shows the NDP with a comfortable lead over the Tories and Liberals heading into the fall federal election.

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Would Poilievre Qualify For NCC Board?


”These vacant positions required the most qualified and experienced individuals to ensure the National Capital Commission continues to represent all Canadians. I’m pleased they have taken up this challenge.”

– Pierre Poilievere, Conservative minister responsible for the NCC

So those traits are what required for new NCC board members.

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Medical Marijuana Centre To Open

This is a release from National Access Cannabis:

Hi Ken,
There’s an opening event Monday at 11 a.m. that I thought would be timely/topical with medical marijuana making regular headlines (supreme court ruling, dispensary issues, local businesses opening, etc).

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NCC Amends Victims Of Communism Memorial


The before and after of the Victims of Communism Memorial.

This is a release from the National Capital Commission:

The National Capital Commission (NCC) Board of Directors received an update today on the design of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism. Subsequently, the Board gave federal land use approval for the decontamination of the site.

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Harder Brings Barrhaven Downtown: Whopper Watch


“I think it’s a great fit.”

– Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder on plopping a 27-storey brutalist tower into the Art Deco Medical Arts Building

Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder is bringing the same unique design style … that gave her ward its distinctive appearance … to the downtown core.

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Your Campaign Is Toast: Kinsella

Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella explains how you know your election campaign is finished:

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Coalition Crafts Letter To Oppose Monument

This is a letter sent by a coalition of opponents of the construction of the Victims of Communism Monument in Ottawa in the Parliamentary district of Ottawa:

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Watson Must Resign, Again



The City of Ottawa has completely botched the municipalities light-rail program.

Now the city is screwing up the lives of others because of its horrible LRT mistakes costing hundred of millions of dollars.

Almost anyone with a remote knowledge of the project feels the line should go down Carling Avenue where commerce and people congregate. Instead, through sheer stubborness and stupidity, the municipality has gone the ridiculous route of driving rail down the Macdonald Parkway where but geese congregate.

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Put Info, Teeth In Lobbyist Registry


What does this submission tell the public about the point of the lobby? Nothing. Is the lobbyist registry just political window-dressing?

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Why Newspapers Are Doomed

This might come as a shock to people not involved in the business, but newspapers still get between about 70 per cent to 90 per cent of their revenues from print.

Yet newspapers’ long-term strategy is to move to the Internet. They have no choice as print dies.

Just one problem. The Internet does not provide enough revenue to support the infrastructure newspapers have constructed over centuries.

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Metro Takes On City Hall

metroSteve Collins has written a thoughtful article in Metro on the lack of a free flow of information at Ottawa City Hall … a long-standing problem.

It is refreshing to see this kind of work in Metro which often was a very successful summary of news but not a deep source of the day’s events. Metro appears to be becoming more serious and given the diminution of journalism over the past three or four years, this is very welcome.

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OC Transpo Makes Huge Route Changes

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

On Sunday, June 28, new OC Transpo summer schedules begin, along with route improvements and adjustments to routes travelling along a section of the Transitway, which will close between Blair and Hurdman Stations for construction of the O-Train Confederation Line.

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U.S. Must Have Sober Talk On Guns

U.S. President Barrack Obama commenting on the spate of mass shootings in his country.

Great Bulldog contributor Ron Benn said these excellent words about gun control in the U.S. Below are Ron’s comments and a few thoughts your agent had in response to Ron’s opinion:

Until Americans are prepared to have an “adult conversation” with themselves about gun control, this type of tragedy will repeat itself over and over and over again.

To this The Bulldog responded:

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