Stand Up For Scott Street

oc transpoThis is a comment from Bulldog reader Scott Albert on the detour of the Transitway down Scott Street:

Promised baseline testing before the work starts for air, noise and vibration have not occurred (to be the best of my knowledge) as promised.

Rideau Transit Group did a small test on the weekend. At a time when cities such as Paris and London prepare to remove all diesel vehicles from their downtown due to terrible health affects from the pollution, Ottawa instead puts our health and property in question by moving the entire Transitway metres from our homes.

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Larry, Jim, Sue And As The Bulldog Turns

KD ... right?

KD … right?

Why it’s just like old times.

Crashing and banging of comments. The return of King D—, KD, Willy Williams, Wee Willy, Willy “Larry” Williams and who now says he is former Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien. Willy “Larry” Williams is like a dark cloud on a summer day. Love him.

So apparently, according to Larry, The Bulldog has an enemies list a la Richard Nixon. Sheesh, how much time does he think I have?

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Ottawa Gets More Street-Food Vendors

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Beginning in May, Ottawa will welcome some new food options to the city’s streets.

Five new vendors – four trucks and one cart – will join the existing roster of more than 50 street food vendors on Ottawa’s street this spring.

A total of 28 vendors applied in December for nine spaces available in 2015. An impartial volunteer selection panel evaluated proposals based on criteria to encourage innovation and diversity in menu offerings as well as business plans, levels of vendor experience and overall contributions to Ottawa’s food scene.

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2017 Fete Previewed At Lunch

This will be interesting. The city recently put out a call for corporate sponsors for 2017 celebrations.

Perhaps Mayor Jim Watson has discovered that the city’s $1 million for the fete doesn’t go very far in 2015.

But that won’t stop Watson. Nobody likes a party more than him … especially when the federal government will be paying for the bulk of it:

Mayor Jim Watson will be joined by Councillors Jean Cloutier and Mathieu Fleury at the Annual Chair’s Luncheon of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. A presentation on Ottawa 2017 will provide the first glimspe of programming elements and the anticipated long-term economic benefits for the region.

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Watson Studies Elgin Street Tunnel



This is a comment from Odub:

Hi Ken,

Rumour has it that the “Taxinator” is not satisfied with the Sens Mile being above ground and is going to fund a study to have a tunnel dug under Elgin Street and if any seniors, churchgoers or infants dare to stand in his way, he will dig it all the way to Palladium Drive.

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Watson’s Fiscal Disaster



Fortunately there are people with the Senators who are expert at running a NHL franchise. You won’t find them at Ottawa City Hall.

All the city has done is deny Sens owner Eugene Melnyk help in getting a MLS franchise and not even letting the Sens bid on a casino.

City politicians are very quick to cash in on the popularity of a winning team but are loathe to help the Senators turn a reasonable profit. It’s hypocrisy of the highest order with their bets of Beaver Tails versus smoked meat.

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Now Where Are The Scott Street Folks?

One wonders if the residents of Scott Street are being invited to the meeting.

Doubt it. Colonel By Room is pretty small.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

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Larry Is Back

He’s a man of many names … King D—, KD, Willy Williams, Wee Willy … strangely a lot of names related to his member.

But we’ve all come to know him as Larry. Bad attitude that Larry. Back in town. Florida must not have been big enough for him.

Anyway your Bulldog caught him up yesterday. A proud moment. Let me think … Hydro Ottawa scandal or outing Willy Williams? … which one more important? … I’ll get back to you on that:

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Susan Jones New Acting Deputy City Manager

This is a City of Ottawa internal document:

Date: 10 April 2015

The purpose of this memorandum is to advise Members of Council that Susan Jones has been appointed as the Acting Deputy City Manager of City Operations, effective April 24, 2015.

I also wish to advise Members of Council that concurrent with this appointment, Transit Services will no longer fall within the City Operations portfolio. John Manconi, General Manager of Transit Services will report directly to me.

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Ontario Introduces Cap And Trade

This is a release from the Ontario Premier’s Office:

To fight climate change — one of the greatest challenges mankind has faced — Ontario is putting a limit on the main sources of greenhouse gas pollution through a cap and trade system to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the health of our children and grandchildren.

Climate change is already hurting our environment, causing extreme weather like floods and droughts, and hurting our ability to grow food in some regions.

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Church-goers, Seniors, Children Fight LRT


When will the bulldozers arrive near Cleary Avenue?

Desperation often produces some grim decisions. That’s what is unfolding on Cleary Avenue.

Bad enough the city didn’t secure its western light-rail route before building, now the municipality is left with no choice (because it had to accept what it was given by the National Capital Commission of its land) but to run the LRT in the Cleary area by the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa church, its seniors home and River Parkway Children’s Centre.

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The Adams, Trudeau Gossipthon


The fateful news conference of Eve Adams and Justin Trudeau.

If any of you missed NDP guy Gerald Caplan’s witty, brilliant, rambling piece in the Globe and Mail this weekend, here’s your second chance.

We take you to Eve Adams and Justin Trudeau:

Political junkies were then really riveted by the epic defection of former Conservative MP Eve Adams to a party where her well-known bleeding heart will finally be appreciated. To add to the titillation, she’s taking with her her fiancé, the gentle Dimitri Soudas. Watch this one carefully. Although it’s completely inconsequential, it’s what we political insiders consider a real game-changer.

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Welcome To Sens Foot



Mayor Jim Watson finally got to open Sens Mile on the weekend courtesy of the hard work and talent of the Ottawa Senators.

Watson’s always there for good news on the Sens. Never hurts to hitch your political wagon to something that’s a local winner. Funny, you never see him when the Sens miss the playoffs.

And the the irony of the mayor supporting the Sens is not lost on not-very-acute observers of local politics. Was it not Watson who wouldn’t let Sens owner Eugene Melnyk even bid on an OLG casino that would have helped the money-losing team survive over time? Ah how quickly Watson’s memory is short when it is opportune for him. To be sure, he is nothing but an opportunist when it comes to politics.

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Watson, Sens Plugs Get Embarrassing

OK, OK, this is enough. First opening Sens Mile, now this.

The way Mayor Jim Watson is trying to cash in on the Senators’ popularity is getting embarrassing. If Watson plays a regular defence shift for the Sens, then The Bulldog will give him credit for their success. Frankly, his skating is not good enough.

Remember Your Worship, it’s not all about you. This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

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Mayor’s Sens Plugs Get MORE Embarrassing

Mayor Jim Watson using the Sens success for his political purposes is getting even MORE embarrassing.

Watson wants people to tweet him to show their Sens support. Not the Sens … just the mayor. Does the man have no shame?

First the Sens Mile, then raising the Sens flag, then tweeting the mayor to show support for the Sens … or is it support for the mayor?

The mayor’s Sens tweet is below:

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Mayor’s Sens Plugs Get EVEN MORE Embarrassing

Mayor Jim Watson’s use of the Senators for his publicity is just incredible.

First the Sens Mile, then the Sens flag-raising, then the tweet asking Sens fans to show their support of the team by tweeting the mayor and now the Sens bet with Montreal, .

In answer to the rhetorical question The Bulldog asked earlier, “Does the man have no shame?” the answer is obvious. Good ole Jim.

This is a release from the Office of Mayor Jim Watson:

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