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32-Foot Screen In Arena For Grey Cup

This is a release from the Glebe BIA:

The Glebe Business Improvement Area congratulates the Ottawa RedBlacks for the historic win that will be sending them to the Grey Cup against the Edmonton Eskimos on November 29 at 6pm.

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Peterborough Supports Muslim Community

Now here is the Canada I know.

Religious groups are providing space to the Muslim community in Peterborough after an area mosque was deliberately burned.

A Peterborough community has rallied after a mosque was burned in a wave of hate crimes following the Paris attacks.

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24 Sussex: Our Best Jail

24 Sussex

24 Sussex

Prime ministers have not been the best tenants at 24 Sussex.

Frightened of appearing extravagant to voters, repairs at the residence have been minimal. So now it has asbestos, nob-and-tube wiring and holes in the roof but a great view.

Maclean’s takes a look at the PM’s fixer-upper:

Given the tortuous history of 24 Sussex Dr., there’s delicious irony in the fact that Margaret Trudeau—whose disdain for the country’s most famous address is legend—was the one to announce that her eldest son was not moving his family into the Prime Minister’s official residence.

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Is Our Response To Terrorism Right? Podcast


Today Alf Chaiton of Tweedsmuir Consulting looks at terrorism, the Canadian response to it and what we should do about it with The Bulldog’s Ken Gray.

The podcast is below:

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Should Meehan Get CTV Job Back? Bulldog Poll

bulldog pollWhat’s the hottest issue in Ottawa?

The latest machinations of young Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Mayor Jim Watson in China? The Redblacks in the playoffs?

None of the above.

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Why Watson Wants China Flight: Top 10 List

TOP 10 LISTMayor Jim Watson might be a little economics challenged.

While in China, His Worship suggested that Ottawa should have a direct flight to Beijing. This after Montreal, a city three times the size of Ottawa, got its first direct flights there. Meanwhile New York, with 20-million people and numerous airports, has two such flights in two days.

But The Bulldog got behind the vague reasoning of His Worship with a Top 10 List.

The justifications are below:

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Champlain Bridge Lane To Close

This is a release from the National Capital Commission:

On Friday, November 20, from 9 am to 3 pm, motorists can expect localized closures on the centre lane for high occupancy vehicles (HOV) on the Champlain Bridge. This is required to complete maintenance work on the lane control system lights.

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Axing Carol Anne Meehan Is A Mistake

Newsreader Carol Anne Meehan doing some of her charity work.

Far too often we see media organizations reduce local features, coverage or services to cut costs.

And there is no doubt that conventional media are in a horrible cash crunch.

However when you drop features vital to your continued operation, well that’s just foolishness. Will conventional media outlets cut back so much that they don’t have a valuable product anymore? Maybe in some cases that has already happened.

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I’ll Watch CBC After Meehan Layoff: Reader

Bulldog reader Pierre Page offers his take on the layoff of Carol Anne Meehan at CTV Ottawa that has many Ottawans outraged:

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Beijing Jim Needs Direct Flight To School



Our Great Helmsman Jim Watson travelling in the Orient would like to see direct flights between Beijing and Ottawa.

On the other hand, The Bulldog would like to see an end to world hunger and peace in the Middle East.

Both have about as much chance as the other of happening.

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LRT Faces Slow-Growth Era

light rail train

Ottawa’s light-rail project was predicated on big-city growth. That now might be in doubt.

One more question mark to add to the post on Monday, Are We Wrong About Light Rail?, are some facts that emanate from David Reevely’s column on Tuesday.

The Bulldog post wondered out loud if Ottawa has planned light rail based on wrong presumptions about large long-term growth. Then it goes into economic and demographic factors questioning those presumptions.

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Canadians Practise Their Own Form Of Terrorism

Canadians have always perceived themselves to be tolerant and welcoming.

That image has taken a beating recently with the burning of a mosque in Peterborough, Ont., and the story recently in the Globe of a hijab-wearing woman who was told in a supermarket that please don’t blow me up.

There was of course the ridiculous niqab issue during the election that the courts dealt with swiftly and correctly. In addition, dual-citizenship Canadians could be sent “home” if they took part in terrorist activities.

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Burger A Break From The Troubles

The Bulldog has been very serious lately. Hard not to be with the events of recent days.

But Ottawa Magazine is taking a respite from all the sad issues with a tour of the King Eddy Burger.

Take the trip:

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Meehan Layoff Shows Desperation



No company, in this case Bell Media, would layoff CTV Ottawa’s Carol Anne Meehan unless it absolutely had to.

Newsreaders Meehan and the late Max Keeping at one time owned the Ottawa six o’clock local news time. That time slot is the big money-maker for local television stations.

But now when you look at your cable or satellite guide, you see the 999 channel figure. Plus the Internet is winning viewers with low-cost pay services that are bringing some of the best television (or movies) available. Video viewers have a host of alternatives.

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Bulldog Readers Go Wild Over Meehan

How bad will the backlash be from laying off newsreader Carol Anne Meehan at CTV Ottawa?

Your agent just posted on the Meehan departure and already it is doing land-office business.

And at times (long periods of time) every person coming to The Bulldog, according to the site’s analytics, is going to the Meehan post.

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Are We Wrong About Light Rail?


An artist’s representation of the Hurdman light-rail station.

Ottawa has made a huge monetary commitment to light rail.

It and its federal and provincial partners are up to about $5.1 billion for the two phases of this city’s LRT.

What if we have this all wrong?

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Duffy Trial Doesn’t Matter Anymore



Funny thing that democracy.

While the public and pundits speculated about what former prime minister Stephen Harper knew about the $90,000 payment to Senator Mike Duffy (the ex-PM said he was unaware of it), the public made the whole issue academic.

Voters unequivocally threw Harper out of office.

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NCC Board To Meet

This is a release from the National Capital Commission:

The National Capital Commission (NCC) invites the public and the media to attend its public Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, at the NCC’s headquarters.

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