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Full Local, Bulldog Canadian At Full Blast


The Bulldog is taking a few days off to take the editor for a walk and teach him how to fetch sticks.

But there’s still lots of good reading on the Dawg. If you click on Full Local, Ottawa’s best news just keeps on keeping on. And if you click on Bulldog Canadian, that website continues to run bringing you top national news and opinion in real time.

Regular posts on The Bulldog resume July 13.

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Bulldog Canadian

  • To scroll through the latest breaking Canadian news and opinion, click here for Bulldog Canadian.



The Bulldog Tops 65,000 Page Views A Week

We’re having our tacky Sally Field moment today at The Bulldog.

Excuse us for being immodest, but the lovely and talented duo of The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian ran up a tally of 66,897 page views for the week of March 1.

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Dawg Pack Confused But Happy

The new Bulldog Canadian is getting quite the response.

The readership so far is outstanding and the technical problems have been at a minimum … except when yours truly searched for new mobile themes because the previous one The Bulldog used for years proved inadequate for Bulldog Canadian.

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New Bulldog: You Like Us, You Really Like Us

Bulldog Canadian, our new website on national news, opinion and comment, is getting some pretty good reviews.

A couple of big-hitter commenters like Bulldog Canadian and we’ve yet to get a bad review. Readership, so far, is pretty high.

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Bulldog Canadian And Coffee

The great Ron Benn weighs in on the new Bulldog Canadian.

Ron I don’t know how to fix the problem you talk about, but I’ll try.

To read Bulldog Canadian, click here. This is Ron’s email:

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Help The Bulldog Be The Best

bulldogLook we’re not complaining here at Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian.  But we would like a bit of help from you, the reader.

Our pageview count has jumped from around 81,000 a week during the first half of last December to just short of 122,000 a week in January. The puppies are pretty happy about that.

But we’d like to be the best. So tell us what you would like to see improved at Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian from a design and content point of view. We can’t make, nor should we make, giant changes to the Bulldogs given the pageview growth. As well we are rather hemmed in by the format of the WordPress theme we are using.

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The Bulldogs Top 120,000 Pageviews A Week

A great big thank you to all the people out there who follow Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian.

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Scott Street Extremified



Here’s a notice of a meeting on the future of Wellington Village from Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs.

If you really want to see what’s happening in the area, click here:

Dear Neighbours in Hintonburg, Mechanicsville, Wellington Village and Champlain Park,

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Bulldog Email

Email The Bulldog at:

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Bulldog Readership Jumps More Than 100 Per Cent


Readership is looking up at Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian.

The two Bulldog news sites have more than doubled their readership over the last four weeks.

In September, pageviews on Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian were hovering at about 61,000 a week. Not anymore.

Pageviews on the two websites have skyrocketed to 130,721 per week. That’s for the week of Oct. 21 to 27 … an increase of much more than 100 per cent.

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Don’t Miss FULL CANADIAN: Latest National News

full canadian smallThe Bulldogs have a new feature starting this morning.

FULL CANADIAN brings you the latest national news in real time from the best and most reliable sources across the country. It’s updated minute by minute.

Save yourself some time and gets the top stories from the best journalists in Canada all in one place as soon as they are published.

FULL CANADIAN runs on our next-door neighbour Bulldog Canadian.

Two Great New Bulldog Features

The Bulldogs have two new great features for you.

Full Local on Bulldog Ottawa brings you the latest in news and commentary from Ottawa’s blogs and news sites. To read Full Local, click here.

Meanwhile Planet Opinion on Bulldog Canadian features the latest in international opinion from a wide array of global resources. To read Planet Opinion, click here.

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Commenting: How To Keep It Clean

Commenters and just plain readers in general might want to mosey on over to Bulldog Canadian where we have a post on how to maintain civil discussion on news sites.

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