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Ottawa’s Community Associations

As a public service, Bulldog Ottawa has created links to all of Ottawa’s community associations. This is an opportunity to get involved in your neighbourhood.

Federation of Citizens’Associations of Ottawa-Carleton, Alta Vista, Beacon Hill, Beckett’s Landing, Blackburn Hamlet, Bradley Estates , Briarbrook, Morgan’s Grant, Bridlewood, Burritts Rapids, Canterbury, Cardinal Creek , Carleton Heights, Carlington, Carlingwood, Carlsbad Springs , Cedarhill, Central Park , Centrepointe, Centretown, Champlain Park, Chapel Hill South, Civic Hospital Neighbourhood , Constance & Buckhams Bay, Convent Glen/Orleans Wood, Copeland Park , Corkery, Country Place , Crystal Bay , Cumberland Village, Dalhousie, Dow’s Lake , Dunrobin, Faircrest Heights, Fairlea, Fallingbrook, Findlay Creek, Fitzroy Harbour , Galetta, General Burns, Glabar Park, Glebe (website) (newspaper), Glen Cairn , Glens, Greely, Half Moon Bay , Hampton Iona , Havenlea-Chapman Mills, Hearts Desire , Heron Park, Highland Park , Hintonburg, Hunt Club, Huntley, Island Park , Kanata Beaverbrook , Kanata Lakes , Kanata Town Centre, Kars, Katimavik-Hazeldean, Kinburn, Leslie Park , Lincoln Heights-Parkway, Lindenlea, Lowertown, Manor Park, Manotick, March Rural, McKellar Park , Metcalfe, Munster Hamlet , Navan, New Edinburgh (website) (newspaper), Nicolls Island , North Gower , Old Ottawa South (website) (newspaper), Orchard Estates , Osgoode, Ottawa East, Portobello South, Qualicum-Graham Park , Queensway Terrace North, Queenswood Heights, Richmond, Riverside Park, Riverside South, Riverview Park, Rockcliffe Park , Rockcliffe Mews/Carson Grove, Rothwell Heights, Sandy Hill , Sarsfield, South Keys Greenboro, Southpointe, Stittsville, Stonebridge, Tanglewood-Hillsdale, Trailwest, Trend-Arlington, Vanier, Vars, West Barrhaven, Wellington Village , Westboro, Westboro Beach, Westcliffe Estates, Whitehaven, Woodpark, Woodroffe North, Citizens for safe cycling, Greenspace Alliance,

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About The Editor

Ken Gray is the Ottawa Citizen’s former city editorial page editor, municipal affairs reporter, columnist and a member of the newspaper’s editorial board.

During the early ’90s, he edited the Southam News-Toronto Star First Edition, one of the first new media ventures in Canada.

For more than three decades, he has worked in many posts from reporter to senior editor at the Montreal Gazette, the Winnipeg Free Press, the London Free Press, the Regina Leader-Post and the Citizen.

His former blog The Bulldog in the Citizen was Ottawa’s most popular local affairs blog.

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Advertise In Bulldog Ottawa

Bulldog Ottawa reaches a very strategic market.

It is read religiously by Ottawa’s elected officials, their staff and the senior levels of the city’s approximately 17,000 employees. The City of Ottawa’s annual budget is more than $3 billion.

That’s a constituency you can’t afford to miss. Bulldog Ottawa is the only local publication that focuses on that market.

As well, local MPs, MPPs, VIPs and community and business leaders read Bulldog Ottawa in addition to the community’s important stakeholders. If your company, consulting firm or advocacy group wants to do business with the influencial politicians, businesses and stakeholders in Ottawa, you can’t afford not to be in Bulldog Ottawa. And don’t forget you get reach a broad swath of the Ottawa buying public with Bulldog Ottawa, too.

Want your name to be the first Ottawans think of when they do their purchasing? Bulldog Ottawa is the place to do it.

For rates and other information, email ekalbfleisch@rogers.com or call 613-291-4480.

The Bulldog: Targeted, Effective, Economical Advertising

Call 613-724-2790 or email kengray20@gmail.com to advertise in The Bulldog.

Put your organization one step ahead of the competition. The Bulldog is where your ad needs to be.

And if you are a politician, the readers of The Bulldog are your market … and your voters.

If you are a lawyer, lobbyist, lawyer company, consultant, association, architect or individual doing work with the City of Ottawa or wanting to do business with the municipality, you can’t afford not to be in The Bulldog.

The Bulldog is the only publication specializing in news and comment on the municipality and region. It has spectacular readership at Ottawa City Hall.

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Bulldog Email

Email The Bulldog at:


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Help The Bulldog Be The Best

bulldogLook we’re not complaining here at Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian.  But we would like a bit of help from you, the reader.

Our pageview count has jumped from around 81,000 a week during the first half of last December to just short of 122,000 a week in January. The puppies are pretty happy about that.

But we’d like to be the best. So tell us what you would like to see improved at Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian from a design and content point of view. We can’t make, nor should we make, giant changes to the Bulldogs given the pageview growth. As well we are rather hemmed in by the format of the WordPress theme we are using.

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The Bulldogs Top 120,000 Pageviews A Week

A great big thank you to all the people out there who follow Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian.

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Ottawa Almost Lost Its Bulldog

Thank you for your patience on Wednesday as Bulldog Ottawa experienced terrible technical problems and was not operating for most the day.

Your agent awoke in the morning to a site that had just disappeared from the ether.

Apparently the database file had become corrupted and two years of hard work hung in the balance. Bulldog Ottawa’s hosting company attempted to repair the database but that proved impossible. Attempts to put the hosting company’s back-up copy failed when the site had only been partially backed up.

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We’re On Holidays, But We’re Not

First off, the best of the season from Bulldog Ottawa and Bulldog Canadian.

We’re going on holiday until Jan. 6 but you can still get some of the Bulldog features to which you’ve become accustomed. All of our news and opinion posts will continue to run to bring you the absolute best stories and columns in real time. They’re updating all the time. Motorized, you know.

So don’t miss these sites. Full Canadian (with the latest breaking Canadian news), Politics Jam (Canada’s best columnists in one place), Politics And Gossip (the latest in everything) and Planet Opinion (the world’s best columnists and comment). As well on Bulldog Ottawa, there’s Full Local (breaking area news), Sens Central (complete Ottawa Senators coverage) and Great Big City (the latest in urbanism, planning and design).

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City Hall Defies The Public

light rail

Detours for light-rail construction didn’t get a fair public hearing.

Contrition. That’s something you don’t hear very often from the City of Ottawa.

This from Nancy Schepers, the head of Ottawa’s light-rail project and deputy city manager, on the aborted discussions concerning bus detours for the light-rail project:

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Reader Baffled By Hobbs’ LRT Response

This is an email exchange between avid Bulldog Ottawa reader Randy Gordon and Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs’ office concerning the propose Cleary light-rail station:


This a recent exchange I have had with Hobb’s office on the proposed new stations at Cleary and New Orchard in Phase 2 of the Western Light Rail Extension Plan. You can never really get a straight answer as frankly no one seems to have a clue.

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Huh, Katherine Hobbs?

Does anyone have the faintest idea what is going on here?

This is a release, we think, from the inimitable Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs that landed in the Bulldog’s mailbox:

I know my friends in the media weren’t all that impressed with my “knuckle” performance on the new City Hall piano, so I thought I would invite a pianist with much greater skill than me to bring you some Christmas cheer.

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Rick Chiarelli’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

fireworksAhhh, fireworks over Nepean. Is there anything finer?

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. Get ready to stick this under the magnet on the fridge door.

It’s time for College Councillor Rick Chiarelli’s Non-Alcoholic Rockin’ New Year’s Eve at Centrepointe. Don’t forget the fireworks. Why Chiarelli is to Nepean what Dick Clark was to New York.

Start spreadin’ the news:

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Cisco Funding Was Right: Bulldog On CFRA

cfraCFRA’s Rob Snow and Bulldog Ottawa’s Ken Gray discuss the Ontario government’s funding incentives to bring Cisco jobs to Ottawa and the province as a whole.

To hear the Bulldog segment on Snow’s Afternoon Edition, click on the podcast player below:

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Hobbs Plays Hardball



Well, there is one thing of which we can be certain with the surprising Kitchissippi Councillor Katherine Hobbs. The councillor will be playing hardball with her new electoral opponent Jeff Leiper.

Hobbs has already said she has money for an expansion of the Rosemount Public Library in Hintonburg but in fact she only has cash for a study. In fact no money for the expansion has been set aside in upcoming budgets.

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Does Ottawa Still Have A Baseball Deal?

Bulldog Ottawa is just throwing this out there, but consider it.

If the Can-Am League, which the city has an agreement with for a franchise in 2015, is now operating as a division of the independent American Association because it lost one of its few franchises, does that mean that the deal with the City of Ottawa for leasing Ottawa Stadium on Coventry Road is void?

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What Jim Watson’s Parents Would Do

The always interesting @SouthMarch has an interesting proposition for Mayor Jim Watson in this tweet:

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uOttawa Profs Go To Experts Olympics

This is a release from the University of Ottawa:

The Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) will welcome two of uOttawa’s very own experts, professors Benoit Séguin and Milena Parent, as lecturers for the Masters in Sports Administration (MSA) program.

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